Friday, December 7, 2018

Late nite pack rip: expired Star Wars food

Zippy Zappy re-gifted me three packs of these Japanese Star Wars Special Edition chocolate wafers (each with a collectable sticker inside) a couple years ago. I opened two and posted about them. Just recently, Kenny revealed that he was appalled that I ate the wafers rather than throw them away, and implored everyone to refrain from sending him treats in the future.

Well that sort of reminded me that I still have one of these left that I've been meaning to rip. It's a little after 9:30 pm on a Friday nite and I've been thinking about having dessert. As long as these don't look too gross at this point, I'm totally going to eat them. I mean, come on, I 'chew'(eat) Topps gum from the 80s as long as it's pink-- My old saying is "If it's brown, put it down. If it's pink, it's ok.. I think."-- so if you send me something edible I will most likely put it in my mouth.

October 2016 wasn't really that long ago. Those dates are just meant to push product anyways, not really related to the food's freshness.

Oh cool, it's an action sticker! An epic lightsaber battle from Episode II, my 2nd favorite/2nd least favorite of the prequels. It's a welcomed addition to my little Star Wars collection.

As for the wafer.. hey, it's not bad.. just fine. In fact I think tha-- *suddenly collapses and dies. RIP defgav*


  1. "*suddenly collapses and dies. RIP defgav*"

    Folks, I tried to warn him.

  2. I once ate some cheese doodles I found in an open package under my bed. Bad idea!

  3. Awesome sticker. Image what these tasted like before there "Best if eaten by date". Wafer abuse for sure. Ha! Thanks for sharing.

  4. haha thats awesome. Well unless you didn't make it. then its sad

  5. I couldn't do the "expired" food... however I have no problems eating non-expired treats fellow bloggers send me.

    P.S. That sticker is awesome!

  6. For the record, I would have tried the wafer.