Monday, December 31, 2018

Plucking cards from my original collection for set needs

It's late, but I figured I'd try getting out one last post in 2018 to bring up my total for the year to an even 270. Glad to see my posting was up a bit this year from 2016 (254) and 2017 (257). It wasn't always easy, but still managed to get out several posts per week. Go me!

This is sort of a Sentimental Sundays post (ok, it's Monday, but I took the day off work, so feels like a Sunday). I went through an old shoe box of cards from back before my full-fledged return to the hobby, and picked out some old cards from sets I'm working on. Could "past me" help out with some of my in-progress setbuilds? Let's check them out (plus I can use this post as documentation of my old collection and not feel so bad for "cheating on it" by taking out cards and integrating them into my current collection).

Woo.. 3-for-3 here, needing all these '72 Topps HOFers. I'm now up to 7% complete with this recently-begun quest. Got the pair of Killers back in 2005 in one of my first forays into buying cards on eBay ($0.99 + $0.95 s&h).

Needed half of these 1975 Topps cards: Seaver (scored this one in 2011 from a guy named Will, who's an accomplished musician) and Ryan/Carlton (which was a cherished highlight of my collection from the early 90s... think it was an LCS pickup, though might have been a trade with a classmate). Already had the Carew and Rookie Infielders. 58.64% complete.

Looks like I needed all three of these 1976 Topps. That Hammer sunset card is nice one to check off! I believe that was another eBay pickup sticking my toe in the water with baseball cards between stretches of full-on collecting. Now at 27.4% complete here.

1978 Topps-- some solid names among these rookies. I always liked multi-player rookie cards and the eternal promise they seem to possess. Needed the top 2, had the bottom 2.

"Hall Rating" leaders for this group:
Lou Whitaker 145
Dale Murphy 87
Lance Parrish 80
Jack Morris 77

Card Savers and yellowed top loaders are not a part of my collection besides sentimental remnants among these "pre-return to the hobby" cards of mine. Had the '74 Gibson, but this is an upgrade. Needed the '77 Fisk... hell of a card.

1979 Topps. Needed the Alan Trammell 2nd-Year and Bob Welch rookie, but already had the Cardinals Prospects. 30.81% complete

Ending the post with some Donruss. I haven't made a wantlist for '83 Donruss yet, but I'll put this pair of rookies with the few cards I've rounded up so far. Looks like I've already got the '84 Viola.

With some luck, perhaps I'll complete one or two of these sets in 2019. Thanks to past-me for the help. As always, if you want to lend a hand, take a look at my wantlist and let me know.

Happy New Year, everybody!


  1. I will never get tired of looking at that 77T Carlton Fisk. Happy New Year!

  2. I applaud past you! He was a smart fellow picking these cards up; likely at much better price than a current you could do.