Sunday, December 30, 2018

1957 Topps and my year-end non-goal, w/ 3 HOF RCs

My tongue-in-cheek collecting goal for 2018 was to not finish any vintage sets-- sort of giving myself an excuse to chill out a little on that front. And it looks like I'll accomplish that goal. I mean-- well, I did complete 1980 Topps, which is in the grey area for what is considered vintage. And I also checked off 1982 Topps and a few other 80s sets. But I didn't finish any pre-1980 sets, so yes, it's an achieved goal!

But I made decent progress, so maybe my 2019 collecting goal should be to complete either 1957 or 1964 Topps, both of which I'm at around 70% complete currently. This Mazeroski rookie was a nice recent pickup. Off-center, but otherwise in great shape.

I also picked up about 30 cards in my latest COMC order. Highlights include Herb Score (woo!), Dick Groat ('60 NL MVP), and the great Robin Roberts.

Whitey Herzog here is another HOF RC, though he was voted in due to his success as a manager and general manager, not his exploits on the diamond. The card is in fine condition other than a little gash in the middle of the right side, not unlike my Brooks Robinson rookie from the same set. It was pretty cheap, so why not.

But the biggest add to mention here is this Jim Bunning. It's a tough high-number. A bit of a "dirty" PSA 4, but I think I got a good deal on it. Plus it's another coveted Hall of Fame Rookie Card. I believe I'm now down to needing only one more HOF RC in the set: Don Drysdale.

I'm at 291/417, good for 69.78% complete. Not exactly knocking on the door of completion, but at least well over the hump. Maybe I should turn my 2019 goals on the likes of 1974-1979 Topps, which are less daunting, but if I want to reach, '57 would be a good one to strive for.


  1. That '57 Mazeroski is on my wish list for this year. I got the '57 Bunning RC last year for Christmas and it's one of my prized HOF rookies. A 2019 goal of mine would be the 1969 set, which currently sits at 75%. The Ryan is in my way and it's scary.

  2. I paid a buck for my '57 Maz at a card show years ago -- though to be fair mine has two large holes punched into the left side of it. And Dad and I have a few more '57s for you in anticipation of his second set of music customs! I'll have them out to you soon.

  3. Whatever goals you set for yourself... I wish you the best of luck! Love that Hertzog. I'd recognize that smile anywhere. Happy New Year!