Wednesday, January 1, 2014

1st Annual Baseball Card Breakdown Awards

Here's a video that Google+ made for me unsolicited, and then emailed to me, with some various photos I've posted over the year, the vast majority of which are of baseball cards.
O...k. I guess I'll post it, then.

While 2012 was really the year I dove back into collecting cards, I really kicked it up in 2013, specifically getting into reading blogs and eventually starting my own back in June.

2013 was also the year I really went nuts for certified autographs. I remember when I was getting back into cards in 2012 and thinking, "Jeez, that's nuts. What poor saps are suckered into paying big money for stuff like that?" Now here we are.. I'm one of those poor saps. It started with 2004 Topps Retired, and snowballed from there. If I have a goal for 2014, it's to spend less on auto cards.

From my early days of collecting, as far as certified autos, all I had were a couple Nabisco cards and a couple of those over-produced Front Row draft pick cards.

I think the only 2013 product I ripped all year was a single tiny pack of flagship Topps I won off Listia for a couple hundred credits well after everyone had tired of the set. So you won't be seeing any "Best of 2013 stuff" posts from me. I've got a couple Target gift cards for Christmas, though, so after I buy a couple pairs of jeans with them, I hope to find the card section and pick up something to rip. Maybe I'll hold out until 2014 Topps hits shelves so I can get in with all the "early completers" and work up some trades with them. Believe it or not, since my initial collecting days of the early 90s, I've only once bought a pack of cards in-person. That was a few years ago.. Pretty sure it was a pack of 2008 Topps from Target near the checkout. But yeah, I never go to Walmart, rarely go to Target, and don't know of any local card shops or ever hear about card shows happening near me. Searching online, I found a shop that's like a half hour from me, but haven't bothered to go down there yet. Maybe someday.

Looks like this will be my 95th post. Not too bad for a half a year of blogging, though a far cry from the daily bloggers out there. With a tiny bit more effort, I could have almost cracked 100. I feel like I'm mentally committed to blog for a full year, but may need to reevaluate where I'm at come June 2014. Blogging is a lot of fun, but it's also a lot of work. Even only posting once or twice a week can sometimes be a burden.

But anyways, let's take a fond look back at Baseball Card Breakdown (BCB), 2013. To make this post at least somewhat interesting, I'm gonna do it awards style. Yes, I'm giving myself awards!

BCB Photoshop of the Year

The Nominees Are...

Santonio Claus!
Cowboy Cal!
Happy Slugger!

And the winner is...!

BCB Refraction Action of the Year

The Nominees Are...


And the winner is...!

BCB Reoccurring Series of the Year

The Nominees Are...

One True Rookie
12 Days of Christmas Cards
Refraction Action
Happy Card!

And the winner is...!

NONE OF THE ABOVE!!! Pose Masters! Wow, what an upset!

BCB Favorite Card Acquisition of the Year

The Nominees Are...

I love them all! [too lazy to choose]

And the winner is...!

All of them! [too lazy to choose]

BCB Post of the Year

The Nominees Are...

Pull Tab Awareness Week - Doing my small part to try to make the world a better place.
Glow-in-the-Dark Cards (In Action!) - Neat cards! In action!
The Worst-Condition Card I Own - Spoiler alert: it's a Gwynn.
The Supercollector Conundrum - One man's struggle to supercollect.

And the winner is...!

Every blogger has a story, here's mine - My life story, in regards to baseball and card collecting. I spent a long time on it, it's got thousands of hits (yes, the vast majority are bots, BUT STILL!), and so it ran away with it. Congrats, my blog post, you really came through victorious!

There you have it. Thanks for reading. Drive safe.


  1. Man, I totally thought the Refraction Action Card of the Year Award was going to go to the Sportflic card. I guess, since it technically isn't a refractor that woud have been a HUGE upset.

    Good luck in 2014!

  2. Love that Wave of the Future card. They don't make cards like they did in the 90's anymore.