Monday, January 27, 2014

got my Cecil Cooper rookie card today!

Today is a great day! I've dreamed of owning this card since I was a kid. It's been a long time coming, but now it's mine!

A Cecil Cooper rookie card!

The corners aren't perfect, but not too bad. And by this card's notorious standards, the centering is actually pretty decent. At 6050 Listia credits, not a bad deal.

From the mid 70s to the mid 80s, Cooper was among the game's elite. A couple RBI crowns. A couple doubles titles. Would have won the batting title in 1980 (.352) were it not for George Brett's stupid .390 clip. He was money in the field, too, bringing home a couple Gold Gloves. He didn't stick around long enough to quite compile Hall-worthy numbers, and has sadly faded from the memory of many fans.

He obviously shares his RC with another notable ballplayer.

That's right, Mike Garman put up a very respectable 3.63 ERA over 9 big league seasons.

But back to the big draw here: Cecil! I also picked up a Cecil Cooper certified auto for a couple bucks a few weeks back.

That's a sweet card! It's a Topps Archives card from 2012, utilizing the 1981 Topps design.

I also have his real 1981 Topps card, getting it recently in that big Vintage-ish lot off Listia.

Love ya, Cecil!


  1. Cecil was a huge childhood favorite in these parts. Going back to his Red Sox days. It pained me to see people bag on him during his Astros managing days.

  2. One of the few cards from the early Topps multi team rookie cards where all three guys had productive major league careers