Saturday, January 25, 2014

Christmas in January: Jingle Belle Rock

I know it's late in the day, but as I was out eating dinner with the family tonight, I got the idea that on the 25th of every month, I'll post a Christmas Card (or two) from my collection. Fun, right?!

Let's kick off with a funky pair. You know I like puns when it comes to Christmas Cards, so here's Jingle Belle Rock.

I admit it was weird to go after this Alber Belle card, seeing as he's one of the biggest assholes baseball has ever known. (I posted a short little anecdote of witnessing his assholishness in person when I was young.) But personal failings aside, he put up some awesome numbers in his day. It wasn't too much $. And it's a nice-looking card. So sure, I'll give it a loving home.

And you gotta love Rock Raines, right? If it weren't for being in Rickey's leadoff-man shadow his entire career, I'll bet he'd be in the Hall by now. Hopefully one of these years he'll get in. These Five Star Silver Signature cards are beautiful. (I've also got a similar Molitor card.)

Happy non-Holidays, everybody!


  1. That Raines is beautiful. And agreed - there is no reason Rock doesn't have a plague in Cooperstown. His numbers are with or better than other players in the Hall The problem is the ballot is getting so overloaded, and he was never a flashy player, so he is being forgotten.

  2. Great cards! I love the fact that not only are they numbered 12/25, but you find additional ways to tie them to Christmas!

  3. I like these cards, but I believe that retired players should have cards in the uniform they are most known for. At the very least Belle shouldn't be in an Orioles uniform.

    1. Yeah, it's a bit weird when post-retirement cards come out in the "wrong" uniform, but what are ya gonna do. Sometimes it's kinda cool.. like, I've got a Lou Brock certified auto in a Cubs uniform that's pretty neat. And while 99% of Ozzie Smith's modern cards are as a Cardinal, it's cool for me when there's occasionally one of his as a Padre.

  4. Really like the Rock Raines card, the Christmas theme is a good idea as well. Good stuff!