Monday, January 20, 2014

Scribble Showcase: my best hockey card

This post wraps up a trilogy of sweet-ass autos I've added to my collection recently. As I mentioned a few days ago, I wanted to diversify my card collection a bit into basketball and hockey. With gift money from the holidays burning a hole in my bank account, I went on a shopping spree that, among other things, netted me a gem to shine brightly atop my tiny hockey collection:

I may have never actually watched an entire hockey game in my life, but I know of Brett Hull and his awesomeness. If Wayne Gretzky is "The Great One", Brett Hull must be the "Also Very Good One". This card hits a few marks for me: nice looking card, "Christmas Card" serial number, legendary player. And now I've got his autograph!

It's not a sticker nor on-card auto, but a signed piece of game-used hockey stick. That's pretty cool.

Did I mention this card is thick? And it came in a super thick case, too. So this thing is nearly as thick as my wallet!

Anyways, while I might not have many hockey cards, this glorious specimen instantly gives some credibility to that small wing of my collection and makes me feel like a well-rounded Sportscard Collecting Enthusiast.


  1. Very cool card. It's not on my top 10 list or anything, but one day I'd like to add an autograph of The Golden Brett to my PC. It would have to have him in his St. Louis Blues uniform though... because that's the team I'll always associate him with. Heck... a dual auto with him and Adam Oates would be even cooler.

  2. Nice addition to your Christmas Card collection. I'm not a big hockey fan but that is an awesome looking card of a great player!