Friday, January 30, 2015

My first Twitter-initiated trade

Award-winning nerd Lonestarr from Life and Baseball Cards hit me up on Twitter that he had a '71 Topps high number I needed and he was interested in a sketch card from me in return. With flattery like that, how could I say no? Our trade expanded from there thanks in part to a few cards catching his eye in a couple trade bait posts of mine around the same time. I sent him a PWE with the cards he requested including an Anthony Rizzo sketch card, and he outdid the hell out of me by sending a package with 100+ cards.. and not just random cards, but nearly all dudes on my wantlist.

That Santos Alomar was the only card I knew to expect. It's a nice high-number addition to my budding '71 Topps set. The Robbie in the middle was an end card on the stack with blue tape crisscrossing the toploader, and I assumed it was just a regular Topps 60 insert. So it was a nice surprise when I removed the blue tape to reveal a bat relic. Almost like a makeshift "rip card"! And like I said the other day, I loves me some liquorfractors, like the Mel Ott there.

More Alomars. I've gotta be right at the cusp of my 100-card goal now with Robbie. Need to get an updated count this weekend and see if I can't knock him off the wantlist.
Always love adding Mantles to the collection. And Clemente and Stargell are also always very much appreciated.

A bunch of Gavin Floyd cards. And some Padres, including a #'d Peavy and a sweet Gyorko insert.

And more cards! (BTW, the funky border around these scans is something I put on my scanner to help prevent cards from getting cut off in a scan. It's essentially a frame made of cardboard strips cut from the back of a cereal box. Usually I crop it out, but I was tight on time today, so you get to see the full, unedited scan in all its raw glory.)

These were only the highlights of the baseball cards he sent; CC also gave me stacks of football, basketball, even a few hockey cards and a Jimmie Johnson. So I'll need to do a sequel to this post covering the non-baseball highlights soon.

Thanks a ton for all the great cards, CC! I definitely owe you next time we trade!


  1. Glad you liked 'em. Looking forward to trading again. :)

  2. I pretty much only collect Mets cards, but that 1984 Clemente made me drool. It's the photos used as well as the 84T border that hit me. That is a beautiful card.