Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Paying Topps to advertise for them

Topps has been blowing out apparel on their website and the other day and I picked up 4 shirts for $40 shipped.

Classic umbrella logo.

I actually got the light orange version of this but it seems to have since sold out.

I got the navy version of this, but again, that one seems to be sold out now.
This one isn't really a "Topps shirt" but a Padres shirt. Doing my part to bring back brown. Looks like I got one of the last ones; sold out now.
I already had one Topps shirt, but I like these better, I think. Looking forward to them showing up in the next few days. As you may know, Topps is based in New York. Hopefully the shirts get shipped out before the massive blizzard cripples the East Coast, as is predicted. (Update: turns out it wasn't so bad for NY?) I also bought a couple items from Topps on eBay later the same day, which I'm excited to talk about in a future post. It's now a race to see whether the apparel division or eBay sales department has the superior order fulfillment team.

Normally I'd wait till the goods were in-hand before posting about them, but #1, I figured I'd give a heads up to anyone wanting to get in on the cheap Topps apparel action, and #2, things will be extra busy for me over the next couple weeks (filling in for someone at work), so I'm trying to get a few quick posts drafted up in the queue to ration out.

Owning this many Topps shirts is probably a bit much, but hey, the price was right. And I like letting people know I collect, without having to actually say it. I still need to get a Rated Rookie shirt someday to prove I'm not a Topps fanboy.

Any of you guys out there wear card-related stuff?


  1. I'm diggin' that T-shirt.Gotta check out the site!

  2. Thanks for this post. Had no idea that Topps sold t-shirts. Just placed an order myself.

  3. i used to have a topps t-shirt (circa early 2000's) that i got for free. it might have been a mail-in wrapper deal. some of these new ones i've seen look pretty good, like that first one in your post and the padres one you ordered.

  4. I have a Crackin' Wax shirt I like to wear around.

  5. I'll have to give the site a look. Maybe I'll go the hipster route and try and find some Press Pass clothes. They are going out of business so that would be perfect.

  6. I picked up a Topps All-Star Rookie Cup T-Shirt a couple weeks ago on their site. Pretty pleased with the quality!

  7. Very nice! Too bad the Cincinnati Reds' shirts were so ugly...

  8. I picked up 3 right after Xmas...All shirts were like $12.00 each! My teenage daughter calls me a nerd so I love it!