Saturday, January 31, 2015

First card show of the year

First card show of the year was today. I picked up a bunch of cards, many of which I'll show off here in the near future.

I wore my Topps shirt to the card show, which is probably a fashion faux pas akin to wearing a shirt of a certain band to that band's concert. A bit too on the nose, perhaps. But I don't care, I was excited for the show, and not afraid to dork it up big.

First purchase was 50 cards from a 2¢ box (so $1 for 50 cards.. nice). Then was $20 worth of cards from 3-for-$1 bins. Then $5 from quarter bins.

Oh, and 4 cards from "70% off marked" bins that ran me $9. And today we'll be looking at those four "big money" pickups.

Gettin' Hoyt in herre. I've got 2 or 3 Hoyt autos, but this is my first relic. I think it's also my first "old school" jersey relic of anybody. I hope Hoyt actually wore the garment that this piece was cut from.

At #320, Lou Brock here was the lowest (non-variation) card I needed for my 1973 Topps setbuild. Next up is Boog Powell. If anybody has a 73 Topps Boog Powell available for trade, let me know.

I don't really collect Frank White, but always kinda liked him. Plus when I was a kid, the minister at my mom's church was named Frank White.. so that's an added little connection for me. So yeah, cheap auto, why not.

Giancarlo RC. Neat.

That's all for today.


  1. Nice cards, obviously I like the Frank White the best, but the Wilhelm card is really nice too. That Lou Brock looks pretty clean for its age.

  2. Nice cards! I can get behind any post with a Hoyt in it.

    I used to wear jerseys to card shows (my Roberto Clemente one frequently made the trip), but I stopped a while ago. People kept trying to sell me stuff based on what I was wearing.

    1. I've actually started wearing jerseys of other teams for this very reason. If I wore anything Pirates related (which is my typical weekend attire, card show or not), I found I was likely to see a little inflation on prices. So now I wear anything else. I wore my 90's style Devil Rays jersey to the National, and got a lot of comments on it. A few collectors even tried to strike up conversations about the team.

  3. Two cent box? That sounds like a dream come true. Nice pickups!

  4. I'm digging the Hoyt and holy crapy two cent boxes!!!

  5. I'm with Matt. A two cent box is insane no matter what's inside.