Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Surprise Hoyling

Generous trader Mark Hoyle recently bought a big lot of misc 80s Donruss oddballs. Being the Red Sox collector he is, he plucked the Boston cards for himself and distributed the other cards out to lucky trade partners. I was the beneficiary of one such surprise Hoyling hitting several of my PCs.

These Donruss Big-Un's (not the real name, sadly) are super-sized cards.

I love the backs of these earlier ('83/'84) cards with all the stats they jammed on there. You don't really see defensive stats on the back of baseball cards these days. And a full-color photo on a cardback was pretty much unheard of at the time, right? Too bad they regressed, and the '86 backs aren't anything special (not pictured).

Padres contingent.

Here are some Leaf-Donruss All Star Stand-ups. Can't wait till I get a dupe of one of these so I can pop it up without feeling bad for ruining it.

Of course Mark, the vintage maestro, snuck in a couple cool 72s. (Hey Mark, there's another good name for your blog when you finally start it: The Vintage Maestro.)

The package was rounded out with a few early 90s cards, all guys nominated for the Hundred Card Club (in other words, players on my wantlist-- as are most of the guys in this post), but are all pretty far away from induction at the moment. I believe all 4 of these were needs, so that was nice.

Thanks again, Mark! I'll shoot you out some more Red Sox pretty soon.


  1. Nice cards. I've got a few of those Donruss standups myself. They are fun to play with for sure.

  2. That Mark Hoyle is a cool dude. He just hit me up again too.

  3. I love that Donruss actually made an effort to take advantage of all the extra space on those Action All-Stars instead of just printing everything in bigger text like Topps on their Supers. Something I just noticed is that for both the 1983 & 1984 you show, for some reason, they listed walks as W instead of BB. It's especially noticeable on the Carlton card since W is also being used for wins. They also used K for strike outs. Typically Donruss spelled out "Walk" in the stats headers and used "SO" for strike outs. Seems they perhaps did not have baseball people handling the stats on their cards.