Sunday, February 22, 2015

24 retired autos for sale

Remember the other day when I showed off my spiffy new Willie Mays auto? Well, it wasn't cheap, so I'm trying to sell a few cards that are no longer integral to my collection to help absorb some of the blow. So please help me out and let me know if you're interested in any of these. (I'd also consider trading for autos of certain guys on my wantlist.) Many of these cards will likely end up on eBay soon, but thought I'd try the blog first to avoid the headaches and fees that come with eBaying.

A couple Yaz autos, including the rare (yet faded) black ink (unofficial) variation (update: the "good" [blue ink variation] Yaz has been sold!). Also Ryne Sandberg ($65 might be too high for Ryne.. I'd be willing to come down a bit).

Rod Carew, Darryl Strawberry, Bob Gibson (probably the best deal here; should have put him in the $65 group), Buddy Bell (yeah, Bell might not be as big of a name as the rest of these guys, but this card doesn't pop up often). (nevermind, just sold the Bell to a guy over email moments before posting this.) (Strawberry and Gibson have also since sold.)

Tony Fernandez, Greg Luzinski, Rob Dibble, Ron Santo, another Ron Santo (update: the Santos have been sold), Bob Feller, Tony Oliva (sorry, slipping in one non-Retired auto).

Al Hrabosky, Jesse Orosco, Maury Wills, Fergie Jenkins, Bruce Sutter, Mike Cuellar, Tony Armas, Luis Tiant, Bob Grich, Bobby Richardson. For the 2nd half of this group (Cuellar thru Richardson) I'd be willing to do a "2 for $20" deal.

That's it for now. I can email more pics by request. Get in touch if you're interested. Thanks!

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