Saturday, February 7, 2015

The force awakens thanks to a Zippy Zapping

It wasn't that long ago that Zippy dropped a Wampa on me (I know the spirit behind it is I Wampa somebody else in turn, but dang it, that cute fuzzy guy is like a member of the family, so I haven't been able to bring myself to send him away quite yet.) And just the other day, Zippy assaulted my mailbox yet again. There was no monstrous creature tagging along this time, but it was just as immense of an experience.

Shiny! Always love getting purdy, rainbowy cards. Giancarlo and Hoyt are dudes I collect, as a nice bonus.

Here are some Padres, highlighted by a #/10 Trevor Hoffman and some more shiny cards. Very nice.

Some Padres prospects, including numbered cards of Austin Hedges and Hunter Renfroe. Sweet!

More Padres prospects. Max Fried got traded away this offseason, I believe. Part of me wants to become a big Nick Torres supercollector (bottom left) and rename my blog Torres Up Cards. But I won't.

Gavins! Here we've got a Gavin LaValley blue refractor, and the card that made me squeal like a little girl when I saw it, the Asia-Exclusive Black charcoal base. I'll be posting an update on my LaValley rainbow very shortly, btw. This is a key addition! I haven't seen any on eBay. I was under the impression Zippy didn't hit any LaValley base in his Clone Breaks of 2014 Bowman Draft Asia Edition, but I guess it slipped by me.
And also extremely cool is the Sega card of Gavin Floyd.

And here are a few more cards to round out the package, including some more hot prospects and a couple legends. My heartfelt thanks to Zippy for the awesome zapping! I sent you off a package of cards 2 or 3 days ago, so hopefully that shows up real soon.

Hey.. I might already have that Dave Winfield pop-up. [Gavin goes and checks.] YES, I DO! You know what that means!!! I get to play with my cards~!


I think I already have that Clemente mini puzzle too. But no, I don't think I'll break the pieces apart on that one.


The Wampa is attacking!

Look out! This is a real David (Winfield) and Goliath situation!


Hurray! Dave was able to use his incredible athleticism to slay the mighty beast.

Balance has been restored to the force.


  1. Replies
    1. Yeah, slay is a strong word.. more like he was subdued. For now.

  2. You cannot beat the Wampa - you can only hope to contain him.

  3. That Wampa GIF Is intense.It made me convulse a little.

  4. I'm glad the Wampa has found a good home! My wife was actually a little sad when I was finally able to trap him, box him up, and send him off to Zippy Zappy.

  5. Cool!, If that Clements mini is a double and you're looking for a good home...........BTW, got the cards, thanks posting/and a return soon.