Sunday, February 8, 2015

How Yellow Was My LaValley

Gavin LaValley is included in the recently-released product 2014 Bowman Mini Chrome. [Actually it came out several weeks ago but this post has been an in-progress draft for a long time because I kept having new LaValleys on the way that caused me to wait.] It's a factory-set-only deal. While technically a different product than 2014 Bowman Draft, I'm counting it as part of the same rainbow since the card looks the same (just smaller), essentially adding 14 new possible cards (thanks to the parallels inserted randomly into each set) and bringing the master rainbow to a grand total of 50 cards. Wow.

Here are a couple 1/1s I've added to my rainbow recently:

Yep, I've got 2 printing plates-- one mini Chrome, one standard Chrome-- coincidentally both yellow.

It's funny how the consensus for the order of most desirable color of printing plate is also alphabetical:
  Black = coolest
  Cyan = pretty cool
  Magenta = could be worse
  Yellow = meh, it doesn't look great, but it's a printing plate; 1/1 and all. That's what matters, right?

Even if you dumb it down and replace cyan with "blue" and magenta with "red" or "purple" it remains in alphabetical order. Fascinating!

Anyways, here's more versions of that card.

Prepare your eyes for an onslaught of shiny.

The top two cards are both the Blue Wave, but I'm considering one an unofficial variation. The card on the left has the wave "swell" at the bottom left, while the card on the right has the swell at the top left. And even if I switched them around, this would remain true. Not a dupe; Variation!

My rainbow for 2014 Bowman Gavin LaValley is at 23 cards deep (not counting that variation).. nearly half the theoretical "master rainbow"... not bad!

Gavin LaValley 2014 Bowman Draft/Mini Checklist
x Base paper
x Base paper NNOF error
o Base paper Topps Vault First Edition blank back 1/1
x Blue paper #/399
x Green paper #/75
o Orange paper 1/1
x Red paper #/5
o Black paper 1/1
x Asia-Exclusive Black
o Black Printing Plate 1/1
o Cyan Printing Plate 1/1
o Magenta Printing Plate 1/1
o Yellow Printing Plate 1/1
x Silver Ice
x Red Ice #/150
x Purple Ice #/99
o White Ice 1/1
x Orange Ice #/25
x Chrome base
x Chrome Refractor
x Chrome Blue Refractor #/399
x Chrome Green Refractor #/150
x Chrome Black Refractor #/75
x Chrome Gold Refractor #/50
x Chrome Orange Refractor #/25
o Chrome Red Refractor #/5
o Chrome SuperFractor 1/1
o Chrome Black Printing Plate 1/1
o Chrome Cyan Printing Plate 1/1
o Chrome Magenta Printing Plate 1/1
x Chrome Yellow Printing Plate 1/1
x Chrome Black Wave
x Chrome Blue Wave
x Chrome Silver Wave #/25
x Chrome Red Wave #/25
x Chrome Shimmer #/15
x Chrome Mini
x Chrome Mini Refractor
x Chrome Mini Black Shimmer Refractor
x Chrome Mini Gold Refractor #/25
o Chrome Mini Blue Refractor #/20
x Chrome Mini Green Refractor #/15
o Chrome Mini Orange Refractor #/10
o Chrome Mini Red Refractor #/5
o Chrome Mini Indigo Refractor #/3
x Chrome Mini Superfractor 1/1
o Chrome Mini Black Printing Plate 1/1
o Chrome Mini Cyan Printing Plate 1/1
o Chrome Mini Magenta Printing Plate 1/1
x Chrome Mini Yellow Printing Plate 1/1

[UPDATE: a red x indicates I've gotten the card since originally publishing this post.]

And for good measure, here's the GLV checklist with my current progress for 2014 Prizm Draft.

Gavin LaValley 2014 Panini Prizm Perennial Draft Picks Baseball Checklist
x Base
x Prizm (a.k.a. Refractor)
x RWB Puslar Prizm
x Powder Blue Prizm #/199
x Purple Prizm #/149
x Red Prizm #/100
x Blue Mojo Prizm #/75
x Orange Prizm #/60
o Green Prizm #/35
o Gold Prizm #/10
o Black Finite Prizm 1/1
x Prospect Signatures Autograph base Prizm
o Prospect Signatures Autograph Press Proof Prizm #/199
x Prospect Signatures Autograph Purple Prizm #/149
x Prospect Signatures Autograph Red Prizm #/100
x Prospect Signatures Autograph Blue Mojo Prizm #/75
o Prospect Signatures Autograph Orange Prizm #/60
o Prospect Signatures Autograph Green Prizm #/35
o Prospect Signatures Autograph Gold Prizm #/10
o Prospect Signatures Autograph Black Finite Prizm 1/1

That "Blue Mojo" (bottom left) is #'d 53/75.. bonus "mojo" points for being the "jersey number eBay 1/1" (luckily the seller didn't notice that and try to sell it for a premium.)

So there you have it, a crapton of Gavin LaValley cards.

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Great title for the post. Reminds me of an episode of Frasier (High Crane Drifter [season 3, episode 17])

    Someone has just rented the video of "How Green Was My Valley" before Frasier had the chance.

    Frasier: Excuse me. Is there another copy?
    Video Store Clerk: Oh yeah, that'd be across the street in our "How Green Was My Valley" annex.

    1. Haha.
      We've been watching through Cheers on Netflix and once we finish that, we'll throw Frasier into the rotation.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks, Daniel. The card are purdy all laid out together.

  3. Man, I love the blue wave and the shininess! Well done!

  4. Very nice. You'll probably complete your master rainbow before I complete a simple rainbow for LT (both rainbows).

    1. I know I'll never complete the master rainbow, but if I stick with it, I could probably eventually get all the non-1/1s. While it's kinda fun hunting down different versions of the same card, I really don't want to make a habit of rainbowing. Gets expensive, as you know.

  5. Nice gif work, really shows the features of the cards. I've never had the money to chase a rainbow of parallels, the 1/1s of course are killers as well.

    What I should do is try and hunt down the other parallels of the 1/1s I already idea that I didn't think about until replying to your post...

  6. It is taking shape. I hope you can find at least one version of the 1/1.