Sunday, February 1, 2015

A rare encounter with a mythical 2¢ box

A dealer at the card show yesterday had a "50 for $1" baseball box. Needless to say, I diligently flipped through it. When I came to the end, I counted up the stack I had amassed, and as if written in some long-ago prophesy, I had unknowingly selected exactly 50 cards. It was one of those moments that's like a higher power giving you a friendly wink from above.

What follows is what I got for my one-dollar bill.

Lots of quality here. The Rod Beck RC might be my favorite of the scan, but hard to deny that football-ish helmet Charlie Hayes card. (Hey, speaking of football, happy Super Bowl Sunday. Go Seahawks, I suppose.) Love the Podres coach card, too.

Bipped myself a bit.

Wiki leaks. He probably poops, too.

A couple Crime Dogs highlight this scan. I always liked Mike Sharperson a lot for whatever reason (just seemed like a cool, happy dude, I guess) and was sad when he died. Glad to have his "one true rookie" now.

Dan Walters remains the only baseball player I've ever had sign a card for me; Might as well collect him (when his cards are two cents, at least). Looks like Carlos Delgado is king of this purchase, with 4 different cards featured in this post. (BTW, Carlos Delgado is the best player in history to get booted off the Hall of Fame ballot after his first year.)

We close it out with a couple early Edmonds and some old timers.

There you have it. Possibly the best dollar I ever spent. No single card that'll blow you away, but a bunch of additions to various PCs of mine and other players I like. Plus, every card came in a like-new pennysleeve, which I appreciate since I'm not a binder guy, so that's like worth a penny each right there, so it's like the cards essentially cost me one cent each once you factor that in. So yeah, good buy.

As I handed the guy my buck and was on my way to the next table, I checked out his little box of $2 encased cards. It was mostly certified autos of never-was prospects, but one name I knew was Clint Barmes, probably the least-exciting of all the Padres' offseason acquisitions. I kinda felt like "tipping" the dealer for the sweet 2¢ box, so I went ahead and bought the Barmes from him too.

It's a 2006 Bowman Originals buyback auto of 2005 Bowman. Sure, whatever. #'d 243/430. Kinda cool for a couple bucks.

So there are the cards for today. Thanks for checking them out. See you next time.


  1. A two-cent box sounds like paradise. Some very nice '80s and '90s gems in there.

  2. Couldnt see the 1st scan, but I'd would take all the mcgriffs, dawsons, garveys, murrays, bos, rickeys, piazzas, irods, rices, biggios, bags, at .02cents a pop too! Great find. Good dig! BTW, I probably can wrestle up a few of those Gwynns on your wanted list.

  3. Thanks, guys!

    And John, cool thanks! I'm planning on sending you a few cards this week.

  4. Man, the Wiki and Owens cards are awesome. Rest are good too.

  5. Damn that is an awesome box. I assume you know the sad story of Walters's post baseball career.

    1. Wow, no, I hadn't heard about that until your comment prompted me to google. That's pretty tragic. I'll have to post about the card I got signed.

  6. Did you see a unicorn that day as well?

  7. Wow - a 2-cent box! If I ever psyche myself into asking for a table at one of my local shows, I'm definitely going to offer a 2 cent box. Has to be the best way to clear inventory known to humankind.

  8. Never seen a 2 cent box in person! Very cool!

  9. Sweet finds! I have always loved that crazy '94 Score Rookies & Traded set. '82 Donruss is full of great coach and manager cards on top of being what I have always thought was a very simple yet elegant follow-up to their debut release.