Wednesday, February 11, 2015

CC P2 (non-baseball from Life and Baseball Cards)

Remember when Lonestarr sent me a bunch of cool cards recently? I showed off some of the baseball cards already, but here are the non-baseball highlights.

Sweet vintage Les Josephson.. not familiar with him, tbh, but I do love me some vintage cardboard all the same. Some other quality pigskin dudes here as well.

Now to basketball. I'm not particularly a Lakers fan, but you gotta love Magic. Shaq and Kobe are ok too, in moderation.

Some more big basketball names.. and yes, more Kobe. The Bill Russell cards are pretty great.

Back to football, here are some Chargers. These names bring me back to the times I followed the team closer than I do these days.

More Chargers.

Finally, let's close this post with a racing card (Jimmie Johnson) and a couple hockey legends.

Thanks again for the great cards, CC!


  1. What set is the Sport Royalty design from? (Magic and Russell) I don't recognize it. I am wondering if it is from that time I was away from the NBA (which I now regret) or maybe a multi-sport set? Thanks!

    1. Seems to be from 2008 Upper Deck Goudey. Pretty nice looking cards, I think.