Saturday, February 21, 2015

Cards and a toy from Tony's Sports Pub

I recently completed my first trade with Tony V. from Tony's Sports Pub. He really blew me away with a whole bunch of great stuff I needed.

Well-organized lots, and a bonus '80s G.I. Joe action figure! I'm pretty sure I owed Major Bludd here long ago when I was a kid, and it's great to be reunited.

Some Red Sox Royalty.. love em. The Ortiz bat relic is great because I think that was like the only major type of hit I was missing from him and I was wanting to get one since I'm on the cusp of knocking him off my wantlist when I reach 100 cards. That's a well-rounded PC now.

The only card I knew to expect, this Shane Spencer bat relic was the card that inspired Tony to propose a trade after reading my post about Spencer going to my high school from a couple weeks ago. Great addition to my Guys From Granite minicollection.

A couple Mantles, always nice.

Changing of the guard.

A couple neat Heritage Griffies. That silver bordered one is pretty thick.

Mr. Rod Carew.

Boomer Wells. Funny story in the news recently where Jay-Z met him at a party asked him about his legendary bloody sock game. Um, wrong guy, Jay!

Julio Franco. Did you hear he recently signed to be a player-manager for an independent Japanese team? He's a hero to old guys everywhere. Never stop, Julio!

A great trio of '83 Fleer. Bud Black also has a "Black & Decker" card out there. Obviously doesn't take himself too seriously, which is nice. Now if only he can lead the Padres to a dynasty...

Some old greats from the late 80s.

McGriff. Looks bizarre in a Dodgers uniform!

Rickey. Looks bizarre in a Dodgers uniform!

Piazza. Looks bizarre in a Dodgers uniform! Oh wait, nevermind.

Peavy, including a disturbingly close headshot.

A couple early Frank Thomas cards.

A couple HOF Padres closers.

Tony sent football cards, too.. including some 49er greats.

Elway and Aikman.

A nice lot of Chargers. Did you hear that they might be moving out of San Diego? That would bum me out. Sharing a new stadium with the Raiders, no less?! Hopefully it's just a bluff to secure a new stadium in San Diego.

Finally, some sweet basketball cards. Major Bludd thinks he can defend Jordan?! Fool!

Anyways, thanks again, Tony! Love the cards and the GI Joe guy. That really was a terrific trade package.

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  1. No problem Gavin.Major Bludd seems to like his new home!