Monday, February 9, 2015

33⅓¢ cards + I Dream of AJ

Ready for more card show pickups? Here we go! Below are some more "3 for a buck" cards I got a weekend ago.

Let's kick it off with some vintage.

The fabulous Cookie Rojas rookie card leads this star-studded scan.

A few Micks and other old-school ballplayers.

Some dudes I collect. This is like the third time I've bought that 91 Stadium Club Frank Thomas.. just hard for me to pass that card up so cheap.

We close with some guys I don't necessarily collect, but was compelled to add to my stack for whatever reason. I suppose these are trade bait if anybody really needs any of them.

There you have it; not my most exciting post (what, no gifs?!) but I had already showed off the shiny cards from the 3-for-$1 bins haul, and these are just the non-shiny ones leftover.

Tell you what, here are some bonus pictures of baseball cards to give you your click's worth from this post!

Looks like the Padres have completed their majestic transition into contenders, if not division favorites, thanks to signing James Shields to be the cherry on top of an already robust offseason. I just dug through my Royals and Rays tradables to pluck out any of his cards I had.

It's looking like an exciting year to be a Padres fan. Thanks, AJ Preller!

Speaking of people named AJ I'd like to give a big kiss to, here's an AJ Lee card I picked up on Listia recently:

Cute. Thanks for stopping by.


  1. You did good. I love card shows. Have one coming this weekend

  2. I thought this post was going to be about me...

    1. haha, sorry to disappoint you. If you wanna get on my list of people named AJ I'd like to give a big kiss to, just send me a nice package of cards. As it stands, you're heading up the list of people named AJ I'd like to give a hearty handshake to.

  3. I'm digging the Startlng Lineup cards! Great deals.