Monday, February 16, 2015

another Ken Caminiti auto

Picked up a new Ken Caminiti autograph recently.

Love these Leaf Signatures cards.

I don't really have many Caminiti cards, for a Padres collector. I wasn't collecting during his mid 90s heyday in San Diego. All the junk-era Astros cards I had from him were purged back when I dumped the bulk of my collection around 2008. For a while there I kinda considered him a black eye for the Padres and the game in general. But a few months ago, I finally came around on him and officially started considering him a guy I collect.

That's my Caminiti PC. Just 10 cards, 3 of which are autographed. So yeah, feel free to unload your Caminiti junk cards on me and help me bulk it up.


  1. I got to meet him once, when I was in high school in Tucson my health teacher was one of his childhood friends and when Caminiti was with the Tucson Toros in 1988 he stopped by one day. He was really nice, the kind you like the first time you meet them. Sadly his steroids and drug abuse will always overshadow his career.

  2. I love Cami! I met him twice as a kid, once at a mega-arcade type joint where he was putting in an appearance and once at my local card shop. I proudly held on to both of those autographs.

    Send me your address, I've got some spares I can send your way.

  3. Ken is a hometown hero. Went to a local high school about 5 miles from my doorstep. Fellow SJSU grad. And MVP winner while playing for my beloved Padres. In short... I am totally envious of that Leaf (and Donruss) Signatures autograph. One of these days I'll end up finding a reasonably price copy and add it to my collection.

    PS... Email me your address... I have some cards for your PC.