Sunday, May 22, 2016

♥♥♥ Jumbo Trade Roundup ♥♥♥

I've been preoccupied with other stuff lately and so some of the posts I've wanted to write got held up. But I've received many incredible cards in the mail via trades over the past couple weeks that've been patiently waiting for their moment in the sun, so let's take a look.

The first of many trades to cover today comes from Sport Card Collectors. He's a good dude, and I'm envious of him because not only does he win contests left and right, but he also often gets complementary boxes from card companies in exchange for reviewing them on his blog. Where do I sign up for this?! Haha.

Well, he recently bust a box of 2016 Bowman and a low numbered Michael Conforto parallel caught my eye and I inquired if it was available.

It took some hammering out, but it wasn't too hard for us to agree to a deal both parties were happy with. Check his post to see the goodies I sent his way. I gave some backstory to my Conforto collection last month after I scored a sweet Bowman refractor auto from madding. A hot young player on a big-market team, Conforto is a guy who might be out of my price range as far as buying much cards of his, though I'll try to build a nice little PC through trades and occasionally adding a card through pack rips or the discount bins at the card show.

And how's about that above photo, huh? Getting the front and back of the same exact card in an undoctored picture is kinda cool, if I say so myself! Give me a Bip Award for that!

Anyways, a sweet auto and now this low-numbered orange parallel, my small Conforto collection is off to a great start. Big thanks, SCC!
But he didn't stop there.. He surprised me with a few more nice cards..

A couple Goldschmidts I needed!

Some Padres needs.

An unopened pack of Elvis cards! Expect to see this in a fun Pack Skirmish one of these days.

Thanks again for the trade, SCC!

-   -  - - ---o

Next up is Nachos Grande. He has a neat "trade stack" thing on this blog where he adds cards until someone claims the stack in exchange for any one card on his wantlist. This was my first time grabbing a stack.

The 2011 parallel was a bonus thrown in, which is appreciated as I work toward that parallel frankenset. The cards from the stack here aren't really ones I had interest in, though I do have a passive Jim Edmonds PC, so there's a card I can use. But no, the draw that made me claim the stack...

Munnatawket custom minis! These things are cool.

Thanks for the trade, Chris!

-   -  - - ---o

Next up is a quick 2-card PWE from Ripken collector Bill B. who bought some customs from me a while back. He wanted an extra copy of one of them, and facilitated this by sending me a SASE, a little $, and a couple cards as a bonus..

Kinda random pair of cards that don't exactly fit into my collection, but I appreciate the gesture nonetheless! The John Lujack is #'d 99/100 on the back.

Thanks, Bill!

-   -  - - ---o

Next is a great PWE from TX Marcus. Fellow suffering Padres fan, he was the first blogger I ever traded with when I first poked my head onto the cardsphere. After his blog went quiet for a while as he bought a house, it's been nice to see him get some new posts up recently.

Chris Sale is locking up the 2016 AL Cy Young already, and we've still got several months to go. Nice addition to that PC.
Carlos Correa is having a good sophomore season.
Andrew McCutchen has been off to a bit of a slow start with the exception of his monster 3 HR game, but he typically starts slow and finishes strong, so he should hopefully rebound as the season goes on. I love this pair of sweet Heritage cards.

Big thanks, Marcus! I'll be shooting you out a return ASAP.

-   -  - - ---o

Next is possibly my first-ever transatlantic card trade. Kevin Papoy was among the traders I sent a holiday PWE to last December. He apologized for taking so long to return the favor, but it was definitely worth the wait!

That's my first 1976 Topps basketball card. Didn't realize they were so big! Always love checking out non-baseball vintage designs I'm not very familiar with. And gotta love Jordan before he became best known as the crying meme guy.

Heck of an Adam Jones relic #'d 14/99! It might not be visible in the photo, but the grey swatch appears to be a little dirty, which is awesome in a jersey relic.
Chris Sale makes his second appearance in this post, this time xfracting, as does Paul Goldschmidt #'d /99. Plus a cool Bobby Doerr parallel.

Check out this lot of Carlos Delgado cards! As a Blue Jays collector, Kevin must've had some dupes to spare for me. I'll always love Delgado ever since buying a minor league team set with him back in 1991, one of the few "prospecting" instances in my collecting career where the guy actually became a star eventually. Carlos was a beast and definitely deserved more HOF attention than he got.

A couple ultra-premium Paul Molitor cards keeps the Toronto love flowing.

Awesome cards.. thanks, Kevin!

-   -  - - ---o

Now we come to a hell of a vintage package from Stubby. He doesn't have his own card blog, but I know him best for the insightful, in-depth comments he often leaves on Night Owl posts. He read my recent 65 Topps update and graciously offered some cards to help me out.

He had warned me that most of them were in bad shape and I'd likely want to upgrade nearly all of them eventually. But I was pleasantly surprised by the condition when they showed up, with only a small number of cards, such as the dirty Bud Daley there, being below my preferred standards with this set.

More 65s! As I type this, I haven't updated my needs spreadsheet yet, but this is a definite big stride of progress with the set for me.

More needs and upgrades.

Some HOF action with Red Schoendienst and a Catfish Hunter rookie. (Shoutout to Blue Moon Odom as well.) A bit creased, but I'm not complaining at all!

Even an unmarked high-number checklist for my 1971 Topps set.

Great stuff.. thanks so much, Stubby! I'm putting together a return package for you and will get it mailed out soon.

-   -  - - ---o

We close with... MORE 1965 TOPPS!

These are from the esteemed Mr. Hoyle, who came across them at a recent card show and was kind enough to think of me.

Curt Flood is the last card Stubby needs for his set. Sorry, Stubby, this one's mine! :) Also here is Mr. Perfect Don Larsen in the final card from his playing days. And that's a nice upgraded Blair/Johnson RC for me.

Looks like Mark ripped a few packs of 1989 Fleer recently. Some PC additions for me here.

Big thanks, Mark! Let me know what you think about a Yaz custom to whip up for us and I'll get working on it to include with your return batch of cards.

So yep, definitely some good stuff making its way to Baseball Card Breakdown headquarters over these past couple weeks. Thanks again to everybody who sent me cards and thanks to you, the reader, for checking them out! Have a great week, everybody.


  1. As far as relics go the gold Heritage ones are among my favorite. Cool card!

  2. Glad you enjoyed and i will keep an eye out on any future Conforto's for ya!

  3. Glad the 65's came in handy. I'm working on an idea for a Yaz custom. I'll be in touch

  4. Glad you can deal with the condition issues. A lot of creases in there. And, FWIW, I broke down and bought Curt Flood off the Bay. So my quest to build the '65 set is complete! Yay me! There are about 3 dozen of mine that could use an upgrade, but I'm in no rush for that. Just gonna bask for a bit. Good luck with the rest of yours.