Monday, May 9, 2016

minicollection additions (Guys from Granite, Gavins, and Christmas Cards)

Regular readers probably know that my big 3 niche minicollections include Guys from Granite, Gavins, and Christmas Cards. Here are some pickups from the past few weeks.

Dudes who went to the same high school as me.
That John Omahen is my first card from 2016 Bowman. It's #'d /50 and is the first of 7 cards I need to complete the rainbow. I should be able to round up more over the next few weeks. I already got a TTM return from him last year, but this certified auto is nice to have, too, even if it is unfortunately a stickergraph.
Travis Taijeron is a guy I've had trouble getting a TTM return from, and he doesn't have any certified autos yet, so I gave in and bought this IP auto on eBay for $3 shipped. Good to finally have an autograph from him, even if it's not certified nor one I got personally from him. Funny how he and Omahen have similar signatures. Must've had the same English teacher at Granite Hills. lol
And on the bottom there is Marcus Giles' game-used locker room nameplate from opening day 2004 with authentication hologram sticker. I try to not let my collecting focus stray from cards very often, but thought it makes a cool, unique addition to my M.Giles PC.

And crap, I also got a Shane Spencer nameplate from the same seller which I meant to include here and will likely update this post with it shortly. Unlike the Giles nameplate which is conveniently the same size as a top-loader, the Spencer nameplate is over a foot long, so I can't just store it along with my cards.

[UPDATE: Here it is, as promised.]

Here are the Gavin cards of the post. I don't chase Gavin Cecchini cards too often since he has a ton out there and they're often priced a bit steeper than I'd like, but I landed this 2014 Bowman Sterling Green Refractor Auto #/125 for a good price.
As for the Gavin Floyd, I already had the base version of this 2002 Bowman Chrome auto, but I was happy to snag the refractor for $5 shipped.
I've been trying to stick a fork in my Gavin Lux PC for now, but there was one type of card I was missing in it...

Christmas Card!

More Christmas Cards. Cool-looking Goose shiny diecut auto from 2015 Panini Prizm. Adam Jones mini from 2016 Diamond Kings. And Chris Archer from 2016 Donruss.

A better look at the serial numbering.

Football Christmas Cards. I tend to focus on baseball, but occasionally I'll do an eBay search for 12/25, sort by lowest price, and toss a few low bids on whatever, sometimes winning an addition to my Christmas Card Collection for around a buck-something. (Man, do I wish COMC would let you search by serial number!) Joe Flacco and Matt Ryan are decent names, though the star of the show here is the nifty red wave refractor auto of Josh Robinson.

A better look at the numbers.

That's all for today. Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Agree on the being able to search COMC by serial number sentiment! All the Christmas cards I've picked up for you there happened by complete accident when I stumbled across random parallels #'ed /25 while looking for other things.