Saturday, May 7, 2016


My recent COMC order included a bunch of inexpensive xfractor autos. They're just cool cards, what can I say?

Logan Kensing has a 1.93 ERA in 3 relief appearances with the Tigers this season.

Some Braves which I will likely send away before long.

These were the cheapest xfractor autos from the world of football and basketball, just a bit over a buck each.

Adrian McPherson is currently with the Toronto Argonauts.

Wilson Chandler is with the Denver Nuggets, but missed this season with a hip injury.

Brett Wallace has been a surprising bright spot for the Padres this year. Well, by Padres standards, at least.

Good ol' Jedd Gyorko is hitting .215 with the Cardinals.

I'll leave you with some refraction action:


  1. Can't go wrong with anything shiny I say

    1. Especially we you can make them jump all over the place.

  2. Super awesome refractage! You should post one of those seizure warnings though with that Logan Kensing. I dare anyone to stare at that for 60 seconds straight.

  3. I always love a little refraction action!