Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Strive for 65 milestone (vintage setbuilding pickups)

I placed a good-sized COMC order a couple weeks back, and among the cards included were a few needs for the 4 vintage sets I'm currently working on.

These 10 cards have squeaked me past the halfway point with my '65 Topps setbuild! I'm now at 301/600 complete. Over the hump! These averaged about 50¢ each.. cheapest were Kirkland (ha, love the toothpick in his mouth) and Vineyard at 38¢, while the most expensive was the 3rd Series checklist at 99¢ (I paid a little extra to get one that was unmarked). They're all in very decent condition with the possible exception of Gino Cimoli (57¢) barely falling into the "well-loved" category, but he's a short-printed high-number (#569), so I'm less picky about condition there.

I'm still in the preliminary stages of preparing to collect 1957 Topps-- haven't put together a list yet and probably own less than a dozen cards from the set-- but I sorted by cheapest price first and picked out a couple that were in decent shape for 60-something cents each. I'm definitely not going to be picky about condition with this set, though I'd ideally like to steer clear of major paper loss and writing/markings. But soft corners, light creases, and bad centering aren't big concerns for me here.

And just one 1964 pickup this time. Catcher Camilo Carreon brings me to 163/589, good for 27.67% complete.

And just one card from 1971 Topps, but it's a good one. I recently had this card fall through in a trade, but no matter, as I found this one for just $1.49. Not in perfect shape, but no doubt acceptable for my "condition insensitive" set. Tom Seaver had been the lowest number need for me (#160), but now I'm just missing Al Kaline (#180; unfortunately no cheap copy on COMC at the moment) and I'll be complete up through 327. Overall I'm at 606/752.. not too far to go, though the high numbers are tricky.

If you can help me out with any of these sets, please check out my spreadsheets linked on the right sidebar, or near the bottom of my wantlist page. Thanks!


  1. Some tough sets, congrats on the crossing the half way point on the 65s.

  2. I'm one darn card short of finishing the '65 set (in theory, at least; still waiting on 3 cards I bought off the Bay). Curse you, Curt Flood! I'll check your list and see if I have any dupes for you.