Sunday, July 3, 2016

a hobby box of 2000 Topps Series 2

I picked up a cheap box of 2000 Topps Series 2 recently for something to rip. I wasn't collecting at the time, so I don't have that many cards from the set and have never ripped any previously.

These Hank Aaron reprint inserts might've been the highlights for me. The odds are 1:25 for a regular reprint, such as the 1969 here, and a tougher 1:100 for a Chrome reprint, such as the 1970.

There was a box topper of an oversized Bonds card, later to be joined by his normal-sized version.

Some decent inserts here.

John Franco hot box. I like that Gwynn.

Some base cards of dudes I collect.

On the left.. Now, was that the Angels' real uniform for a while, or was it a special Turn Ahead the Clock gimmick?

On the right is my toughest pull of the box. These MVP Promotion parallels are 1:520. Too bad Matt Clement isn't a big name (and the card is off center), but hey, at least it's a Padres card (If I was a team collector, this would be a great pull for me, but alas.)

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  1. Nice pull on the Clement. Haven't ever seen one of those

  2. I am 99% certain that Discarcina is sporting a Turn Ahead the Clock gimmicky jersey in that photo. Always cool to see one of those pop up on a baseball card!

  3. I read on the Trading Card Database that the MVP promotion cards have a print run of 100.

  4. Yep. Turn Ahead The Clock jersey from that gimmicky day. I have that card. Me and a guy from work sometimes look up those TATC jerseys online and debate whether they're the worst uniforms ever made in MLB history.

  5. Since you weren't collecting at the time, I'll point out that the League Leader and 20th Century's Best cards aren't inserts, they're base cards (check out the card #'s). Also FYI, the A-Rod "Magic Moments" card had variations with different "magic moments" listed at the bottom. Instead of "40 HR / 40 SB" it might be "1996 Player of the year" or "1996 Batting Leader". I don't *think* any of the variations were SP's (but I could be wrong).

  6. I remember opening a lot of this stuff back in the day. Way to beat the odds with the Chrome Hank Aaron!

  7. Love the Aaron's and the all-star cards. Nice looking set overall. Might have to pick up a box someday. Thanks.