Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Duke Snider and Gary Carter autos to show off (+ more prize details)

I just wanted to show off shiny autos of a couple greats I've picked up recently.

I always keep an eye out for Retired refractors, as I work on my 2004 Retired auto set. When this Duke Snider from 2005 popped up with a great BIN price, I jumped at it. Great looking card! I just realized thanks to a Frankendodger post that this photo is recycled from his 1962 Topps card.

#'d /25 with glorious full career stats.. even those forgotten stints with the Mets and Giants.

This Gary Carter is a great addition to my Archives Reserve Master Set project.

It was neat to realize Duke and Gary suited up for the same organizations, with Carter spending a year each with the Dodgers and Giants at the end of his career. So that kinda ties this post together a little.

Duke never played for the Expos, but coached and broadcasted for them after his career wrapped up.

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Ok, have you entered my big 800th Post contest yet? I'll probably keep the entry window open a few more days.

I want to sweeten the pot to reward loyal readers of the blog, so I'm throwing in a conditional bonus. If the grand prize winner has posted a comment on a non-contest post of mine in 2016 prior to this contest, included in the grand prize will be a set of "series one" of the 2016 Baseball Card Breakdown Hostess-style customs. I call it series one just because it's the cards I've made so far, but will probably make a few more ("series two") before the year is up.

Thanks for reading!


  1. Those Hostess cards are pretty sweet

  2. Whoa!!! Some heavy hitters right there.

  3. Both of those autographs are amazing... which reminds me that I really need to start adding some more Gary Carter cards to my Expos PC.

  4. Those customs are so sweet. Curious as to how and why you picked that Story photo.

    1. Thanks, Matt. I basically just Google for a photo that seems like it wouldn't be too out of place on an old Hostess card.. so that means posed shots or guys just standing around. If they're on a white background, I'll 'shop in a generic backdrop behind them.