Saturday, July 9, 2016

Pull Tab contest resluts

Ok, Pull Tab Awareness Week is over. As for you guys who didn't help spread the word.. welp, I guess that's just how you was raised, I get it. *shrug* Sitting there like helpless little bitches is easier than standing up for riotousness and justice. Fine, whatever. You've got to live with the choices you've made. Hopefully you at least found a way to cram a little bit of knowledge into that putrid sack of crap you call a brain.

As for those of you who heroically helped spread the gospel of pull tabs.. bless you! You are strong, courageous, and among the last hopes for this doomed mess called humanity.

Let us list these brave men and women-- wait what, no women? bummer, ok just men-- who helped spread the word, and then posted a comment cementing it on the main post.

Jeff S
Sport Card Collectors

Wow, only four guys?

You 4 rock!
And shout-outs to these below guys who raised their voice, yet didn't follow the letter of the law enough to get entered into the contest:

The Lost Collector
P-town Tom
frederick costa
Beckett Grading (!!!)
Beckett Media (!!!)
Ryan Cracknell (!)
omsports42 (aka Stealing Home)
Tim Fogel
Daniel Wilson
Sketch Card
Eric Platt
Rich J. Chartrand
Bryan Mc
Gary Talamini
T-Bone McGroan

I love you guys, I do! You were not entered into the contest, but you're entered into my heart! :)

A common reply I get during this week (This was the 4th annual Pull Tab Awareness Week, BTW!) is along the lines of "Scotch tape is always bad! Only use blue tape."

Hey, no shit, smartypants, but I can't be the end-all/be-all moral compass for the cardsphere! I'm just trying to help "baby steps" ignorant people to starting to think about others when they mail cards. Step one, make pull tabs. Step two, switch to blue painter's tape.

Here's a live shot of my carding desk. I don't think I've ever actually bought a roll of blue tape in my life, but I damn well recycle the shit out of it, as you can see. When I get a piece of sweet blue tape in a trade or purchase, I stick it up there and reuse it later. (Bonus entry to my next contest [coming up very soon!] to the first person who correctly identifies any visible cards here in the comments below). [UPDATE: Congrats to Tim B. for picking up this future bonus entry!]

Back to this Pull Tab contest, since there were only 4 true entrants, screw it, I'll go ahead and send a prize PWE to all of them. As for the Tab Perry /99 auto. Hell, I guess I'll give it to Jeff S. for being the first to adequately enter. Congrats, Jeff S!

You 4 guys, email me your mailing address and tell me which teams are your favorite, and I'll do my best to comply with a nice selection for you. If I don't hear from you within the next week, prize is void, so hurry up.

Thanks for reading, thanks for caring about the people you send cards to, and thanks for being you!


  1. Dude, we had that exact same desk in my parents' house when I was growing up. I inherited it and eventually re-purposed the wood to make a bridge between my desk and my wife's desk. I used to stick blue tape all over it. Looked very similar to your desk!
    Also, I believe that is Kelly Gruber's '85 Fleer rookie card on the top shelf.

  2. Thank you for cheering me up. It feels good to know that my office isn't the only one with blue painters tape hanging from my desk.

  3. Sorry I spaced on spreading the word...I am truly ashamed. That's a really nice Bryce Harper All-Star Stitches from 2015, but not as nice as that 1958 Roberto Clemente.

  4. '85 Fleer Kelly Gruber. Thanks!

  5. Thanks again for the contest! Sent my info :)