Sunday, July 10, 2016

A rare Sunday mailday (blaster of 2014 Topps Chrome)

That's right, I was delivered cards on a Sunday! What a time to be alive!

Amazon currently has some discounted 2014 Topps Chrome blasters so I figured I'd pick one up. We have Amazon Prime, so shipping is free and sometimes they'll even deliver on Sunday.

It was a decent blaster for me, too.

Got one of those purple refractor packs. Nobody here I collect, unfortunately, so those are up for trade.

This would've been a nice blaster for a Dodgers fan. But lucky for me I collect these dudes.

Shiny Kershaw and Puig additions to those PCs for me.

More refractors, including a light blue Napoli (/199) and a Yadier xfractor. Pujols is a PC guy for me, but the other 3 are available.

And some of the more notable base cards.

So yeah, no autos but that was a fun little box to break at a decent price. And it still impresses me to get mail on a Sunday!