Sunday, July 31, 2016

Matt Kemp PC

Me being a player collector much more so than a team collector, I'm often spared from heartbreak when a favorite player gets traded. But it's been hard for me as a Padres fan lately, with many favorites from my hometown team getting sent packing (while the Padres continue to pay much of their contracts *grumble grumble*). First there was Jedd Gyroko, (Craig Kimbrel I didn't get too attached to), then James Shields, Andrew Cashner, some young pitchers I had just starting taking an interest in, Drew Pomeranz and Colin Rea. And now Matt Kemp.

I had started casually collecting his cards when he came over from the Dodgers. After he became the first Padre to ever hit for the cycle (finally!!), he won a lasting place in my heart. Sure, he's overpaid and not much on defense these days, but he's a cool dude and seems to have been the heart of the team these past couple years. So yeah, I'm gonna miss him.

Let's pay our respects and check out my Kemp PC as it stands. 

2012 part 1

2012 part 2, featuring my only Kemp auto plus a sweet "Beast Mode" relic.

The Ginter is the 1/1 blank back. Whoops-- looks like a dupe Prizm snuck in the photo.

There are probably a couple/few more hiding out in one of my "cards that need to be sorted" boxes, but that's pretty much it. Looks like I'm a handful away from my goal of 100 different cards. If you've got any available that I'm missing, feel free to throw them in next time you send me cards.

UPDATE 8/10/16: Here are some more:

That should help me over the 100 mark.

Good luck in Atlanta, Mr. Kemp!

Thanks for reading.


  1. I've always liked Kemp... He's got a cool nickname, IMO.

  2. That Ginter 1/1 is sweet....always love seeing Bison cards! Super nice guy each time I've met him.

  3. I will have to look at mine sometimes

  4. This trade is the reason I haven't grown attached to any current Padres (or A's) in recent years. I really hope they star developing some of their young talent and start building around them.