Saturday, July 2, 2016

Holiday weekend blaster in honor of America

I had my heart set on some 1997 Fleer Tiffany Redux (aka 2016 Stadium Club) this weekend, but there was none to be found at the grocery store. They had a few discounted blasters.. but none were baseball (Score something football, UD something hockey, maybe a NC basketball or something). Full price blasters included Gypsy Queen and Series 2.. pass. Hangers of Donruss and Bowman.. nah. A lone blaster of 2016 Archives got my attention, but I was strong and put it back and went and did my shopping. I already bought 2 hobby boxes of that product.. and the collation wasn't great (lotsa dupes). Then I came back a little later and gave the crumpled blaster another long look. Then I put it back and continued with my shopping list. They I came back a third time. My self-restraint finally wavered and I reluctantly threw it in my cart. I really wanted something to rip this weekend, damn it! So let's take a look at the highlights.

Inserts and a parallel. WhoTF is Tom Murphy? Wasn't he on MST3K? Love that show.
Every kid dreams of pulling a card of a film director. Topps with their finger on the pulse again. Of course the best Bull Durham inserts are auto-only/no base because that was a good idea! :P
Ron Blomberg is a cool figure (DHing Hebrew Hammer), though this is not one of the better FDP inserts to pull.

Somehow a couple Mothers Cookies cards got mixed in. Who am I to question? If I needed that McCutchen, it's a nice PC hit for me. Pollack available for trade.

Is Corey Seager still super hot? Can I sell this base card and recoup the cost of the blaster? Please?

Some other dudes I collect (many of which I've already pulled with my 2 hobby boxes). Looks like 1991 Topps design is the leader here. Zero SPs in the blaster: boo.

Yeah, the box was a bust but hey I still pulled a Griffey 1/1 auto in one of my boxes, so I feel like I'm playing with house money. Fingers crossed that redemption comes home successfully one of these days. But with my luck it won't and will be another horror story for the regret pile that is my life.

There you go. Love you. Stay safe. Happy 4th!

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  1. Ha. I commend you for holding out as long as you could. It woulda been the 1st thing in my cart.

    You and yours have a happy 4th of July Gavin :)Be safe