Sunday, July 24, 2016

Ken Griffey Jr PC

Getting in on the Griffey lovefest today, his HOF induction day. So here's a big unsorted (lazy) post of all my Griffey cards. It's not entirely up-to-date (I'm overdue for a big sort of my incoming cards from the past few months), but good for the most part. Also, the (theoretical) best card in the PC is still waiting for Topps to be redeemed. That'll be a game-changer for the PC once/if it finally arrives.

BTW, I posted my Mike Piazza PC last year. Big ups to him today as well.

Here we go!

The current crowning trio of cards in the PC for me.. the iconic UD89 RC, a spiffy auto, and a Christmas Card.

The Collector's Choice mini is actually a box cut.

A couple Baseball Card Magazine oddballs here
custom cards. 
custom magnets
White Sox card alert.

I think these are all Broders or whatever they're called.
These binder cards are (mostly) from my original childhood collection.

The "good cards" from my childhood collection. Since found out the minor league card isn't legit, sadly.

 Closing with 3 of my favorites.
I didn't count them all up, but I'm pretty sure I've passed my goal of 100 different cards in this PC. I like where the collection is at for me, with no real glaring holes in my eyes (maybe a relic card would be nice someday. Could use a Fleer RC UPDATE: I've since got them!), though I'm sure I'll casually add more cards from time to time. You trader buddies of mine out there, feel free to send me any I'm missing.

Thanks for checking out the cards with me. Have a great week, guys. Congrats again to Junior on his terrific career.


  1. Nice little collection there. Always loved the '90 Leaf and '91 Stadium Club cards. Might have a couple I can ship you, I'll take a look...

  2. Hey, I'm putting a trade package together for you anyway - I'll throw in a Fleer RC that came in my recent big haul.

  3. That 89 UD Custom is straight up RAD.

    1. Thanks, Fuji. That custom Simpsons set was fun to put together.

  4. Nice!! Some of those I don't have. Nice auto card too!

    1. Thanks, SCC. I was hoping I'd come up with some less-common dupes to send you, but the few dupes I have are pretty much all common "junk era" stuff which I'm sure you already have.