Saturday, November 5, 2016

Andy finds time for a trade

Great trade package in this week from Andy at Ain't Nobody Got Time For Cardboard. True to this blog's name, he hasn't had a chance to post there in over 2 months. But lucky for me, he had a free moment to hit the local card shop recently and stumbled upon a jackpot of 2011 Topps parallels and was kind enough to think of me. In fact, thanks to this trade package, I've now hit the milestone of 300 unique cards in my 2011 parallel frankenset quest. (That sounds pretty good, though I'm still less than a quarter toward the finish line.)

Nice boost the the Chrome section of my frankenset, with some heavy-hitters such as Konerko and Longoria.

Struck gold!

Diamonds, Diamonds, DIAMONDS!!!

And drink in all that cognac! I didn't notice till taking the photo.. but these are all horizontal cards. Crazy.

Andy even helped me out with the latest addition to the list of guys I collect, with this sweet Anthony Rizzo lot. Andy's a Cubs fan, so these are surely dupes he had available. Love the Italia WBC card. And there's even a Gavin Floyd card too.

Awesome stuff! Thanks, Andy! (And congrats on your Cubbies' big victory) I'm working on getting a return package out to you soon.


  1. That's pretty cool regarding the cognacs, that didn't click with me either! Goad you enjoyed!

  2. Woah, seeing those cards from 2011 teleports me back to my first year in the hobby.

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