Saturday, November 19, 2016

funny cards from the card show

I threw a few cards onto my stack at the latest card show pretty much just because they made me crack a smile.. and they were cheap so why not?

When I see a Booty this nice, I just have to grab it. Aren't you jealous of my awesome Booty?!

I saw this one and read the bottom as "GOD DOUBLES" and I'm like... Damn, Topps! I know you've been sucking Ortiz's little papi all year long, but to deify the man?!

My favorite Nick Toon is probably Sponge-Bob. I used to kinda like The Fairly Odd-Parents, too. Rocko's Modern Life, if you wanna go old-school.

Isaiah Pead. When you say his name, it's a sentence. Coincidentally, I just watched an episode of The League last night from a few years ago where this guy's name was mentioned dozens of times. Is he still a good sleeper pick?

Ok, Chris Polk and Johnathan Franklin aren't really funny names, but I'm posting them here along with the other Crusade cards I picked up. They really are nice looking cards, regardless if Panini or the modern Leaf knockoffs. (The cards in this post are all available for trade, btw.)

Thanks for reading!


  1. I've actually seen Isaiah Pead's name abbreviated, though I cant remember which publication had to type I. Pead

    SpongeBob is probably my favorite Nick Toon. The Loud House is pretty good, too. Do you think the Toons considered this when they named him Nick?

    Also, I see nothing unusual about that David Ortiz card. Big Papi is God. ;)

  2. Those Crusade cards are awesome! I think the next time I grab some cards off of COMC, I will try to snag a few of the baseball variety.
    And I used to love to watch Rocko's Modern Life back in the '90's as a teenager while drinking a Surge.

  3. Man, great card! You know I love em!

    In messed up news, Isaiah Pead actually just ended his NFL career involuntarily. He got in a car accident that was so bad that he lost part of one of his legs. He was a Cincinnati guy so it's been all over the local websites. So that's awful...but that card, and his name, are still amazing.

    In more uplifting news, I have an IEP kid on my caseload who always felt clumsy and weird (he was lefthanded) in baseball until he found David Ortiz. He then became a huge Big Papi fan, and this year was very emotional for him as Ortiz retired. I think it's cool that a Dominican lefty playing in Boston can give a buttload of confidence to a 12 year old in Cincinnati.

  4. And that Josh Booty goes onto my COMC watchlist. Because it is fun being immature.

  5. Hey Arnold! is the best Nick Toon of all-time. Avatar: The Last Airbender & Legend of Korra are also two of the greatest cartoons of all-time, regardless of network. Danny Phantom is also pretty good, and Ninja Turtles & Miraculous Ladybug are worthy recent entries. Oh, and Kappa Mikey & Martin Mystery, which I don't think are originals and I believe only ever ran on their separate Nick Toon channel. Both of them need more love, and I will take any excuse to talk them up, and also just geek out about cartoons in general.

  6. I have the same Ortiz insert and saw "God" the first time too.

    P.S. Love the Crusade autos!