Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Retired Refractor Review: 2004 Dale Murphy

This is the first of what I'm envisioning will be a recurring series on the blog. One-card posts for when I don't have anything interesting lined up but still want to post something that day.

I love the card product trilogy that is Topps Retired Signature Edition. It was even topic of the first substantial post of this blog back in 2013. It came out from 2003 through 2005, with the middle child being my favorite. And I especially love the refractor parallels of the autographs. The 2004 ref auto set is my #1 collecting goal. I also sometimes pick up 2003 and 2005 auto refractors when they pop up at a reasonable price.

Today we're taking a look at Dale Murphy.

Lovely card. I believe I accidentally wound up with two of these. Oh well, I guess I've got a nice card of offer a Braves collector in case of a big trade opportunity, or maybe I'll try to flip it on eBay for a little profit.

As for the player, Dale Murphy was among the best hitters in the game in the 80s. Just look at all those red stats! The guy could mash. He looked like a sure-thing HOFer, but his skills diminished near the end of the decade as he finished his career with largely forgettable stints with the Phillies and Rockies.

He was a rare clean-living ballplayer who didn't drink or curse, and was just a genuinely good guy. These days you can find him on Twitter, where he's got an active and entertaining account at @DaleMurphy3.

That's it for today. Thanks for stopping by.

P.S. Fuck you, America. Seriously!?? Oh-kaaaay! Brace for it. This is gonna suuuuuck. Seriously!! WHAT THE FUCKKK????!!!