Saturday, November 12, 2016

Card show overview and a 2016 Stadium Club blaster

Pretty solid card show haul for me today. I picked up a bunch of cards, with about half of them earmarked as trade fodder. I'll need to sort through everything later and get another post or two out of it within the next few days. So stay tuned. For today, let's just rip open the half-priced 2016 Stadium Club blaster I picked up.

A couple nice Cubs. Pretty sure I already have the Bryant, so it might be available.

A couple decent gold parallels.

Black & white beauties. I actually had just picked up 3 of these 4 from a dimebox (all except the Killer), so I suppose they are available, too.

And a diecut Robin Roberts that's kinda cool. These should have been refractors.

And of course several more cards that weren't interesting enough to show, available for trade.
Not the best box, but a fun little ripping experience for $10.

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Nice, would definitely pick up a 16 sc blaster for 10 bucks

  2. I'm so behind with modern-day releases that I don't believe I ever laid eyes on that sweet Yaz card until this post. Totally agree with Jeff, you can't leave a Stadium Club blaster behind for $10.

  3. Great deal on the blaster! Looking forward to seeing the rest of your card show haul!