Sunday, November 27, 2016

Bangin' Batch of Bits brought by Bubba (Batman, broadcaster, black borders)

Worked out a sweet trade recently with Ginter aficionado Matt from Bubba's Bangin' Batch of Baseball Bits.

I thought Val Kilmer was a pretty cool autograph subject included in 2015 A&G and I thought it'd be cool to land a copy someday.. and, hey, now I did! I always seem to enjoy his work. Probably my favorite thing he's done is his first: Top Secret!, the silly movie from 1984. And gotta love Top GunTombstone, and The Doors. He's been in some good stuff more recently too, like Kiss Kiss Bang Bang and MacGruber. So yeah, very cool addition to my collection of misc. autographs. Kind of a neat-looking signature, too.

And here's another one! I don't watch much football these days, but I think Jim Nantz is one of the better national broadcasters working today. So when I saw this card among Matt's tradebait, I was down to work it into our deal. (I had originally naively tried to get Matt to give up his Ginter autos of Felicia Day and the late Stuart Scott, but he was understandably resistant to parting with them. In my defense, I thought maybe he had doubles... he does bust a ton of Ginter, after all!) But yeah, neat card. Looks like Jim balked a little on signing the "J" in his name, but doesn't bother me much. The "CBS" inscription is a nice touch.

Matt also threw in a great lot of 2016 Ginter X for me, I believe the first cards in my collection of this "evil twin" of A&G.

Nice cards. A bunch of appreciated PC additions for me here.

Even some randomness to round out the package.

Great stuff, Matt! Big thanks for the trade. Hope to deal with you again soon (We've got a couple interesting little projects in the works.)


  1. Oh good - I'm not the only one who remembers Top Secret! Back when pardoy movies were at least somewhat clever.

    Also, can't hear his name without this popping into my head:

  2. Val Kilmer is great, and Top Secret! is awesome! In one of my better nights ever probably, I stumbled onto that, 1941, and History of the World, Part I back-to-back-to-back (I don't remember the exact order) one night up in high number channels back when I had digital cable in the mid-aughts. They don't make parodies like that anymore (and when they do, nobody watches)... A shame.

    Also, Val Kilmer's Batman deserved Christian Bale's movies, and Christian Bale's Batman deserved one of those animated movies, but not the good early ones, oh no. His Batman deserves something from the off-the-rails terrible Flashpoint/War/Killing Joke run of turds. :P

  3. I got a Kilmer auto from psych :)

    However, love that nance. Wished I had known that was up for trade

  4. I've always wanted the Anthony Bourdain auto from Ginter. That is probably my main non Pirate bucket list card.

    Love the Kilmer auto. He must have been a real pain in the ass for as long as he went without making a movie. Glad to see he is popping up again.

    Great trade from Matt. He has been spreading lots of Ginter cheer recently.

  5. Tombstone is one of my favorite movies... so I've gotta give it the not over Top Secret. But damn... does seeing the name of that movie bring back good memories. My mom took me and my friend to see that movie. We laughed non-stop. She walked out and went shopping.

  6. Top Secret is great, but you are forgetting his finest work: Real Genius

    Bonus in the movie: Gorgeous Deborah Foreman

    If you have Amazon Prime, Top Secret is free to stream. Real Genius? Nope.

  7. You have the Felicia Day relic? I have one available....

  8. Love the Val Kilmer auto and the rest of your pull. The Yaz and Greenie cards especially.

  9. The Conforto has me salivating.