Saturday, September 16, 2017

Card Show Coronation

Productive card show for me today! Let's scratch the surface of my haul.

Forget my goal of finishing 1965 Topps by the end of the year.. I might knock it out by the end of the month! Yesterday, I won a bunch of cards from one seller on eBay, and I've got a few cards sitting in my COMC inventory. The above 6 cards were picked up at the show from the old vintage guy. He let me have them all for a total of $20.. a very solid deal for some pesky cards. The Masanori Murakami RC is the biggest card here, notable for featuring the first Japanese player to play in the MLB.

Other than the '65s, I grabbed a bunch of cards from Bill's bins, some 50¢ each and a bunch of dimebox cards.

There are always so many Griffey cards that I'm overwhelmed and usually just pass them by. But once in a while, I grab a few that catch my eye. The mini-type one is a magnet and dated 1989 (oddball rookie!)... Looking for more info on it, I find a few similar 1990 ones (Phoenix Industries), but couldn't find another one of these. So I'll assume it's worth hundreds.

Not one, but two mustache-less Mike Schmidt cards!

Plucked some Pucketts out of the dimebox, too.

Also grabbed some late-career Rickey cards.. always fun.

Well, I think that's enough for now, but I'll be sorting through the rest and posting more this upcoming week. Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Later Rickey cards are always fun -- you get to see a handful of the 8,000 teams he played for in the twilight of his career. Looking forward to seeing more of what the show had in store.

  2. Looking good on the 1965's... Good luck in finishing off that bad boy!

    That Reading Phillies Mike Schmidt is one of my favorite cards to come out of the minor league junk wax era.

  3. I think seeing Mike Schmidt without a mustache ages him a decade or so. IMO, facial hair makes a guy look older, but not in this case.

  4. Seeing that 1991 Classic Best Schmidt brought back some good memories. I bust a bunch of those packs in search of his autograph. Never pulled it though.

    P.S. Love that Murakami rookie card! I had him sign my copy a couple of years ago.

  5. 1965, one of my favorite sets. Good luck on completing it. The Archive 1973 Mike Schmidt card reminds me how much I dislike the original rookie cards issued with multiple players on one card. If you are trying to collect starting lineups, you need 2 of Schmidt's rookie card so you will have Ron Cey. another rookie starter. The Archive cards and the custom cards created by bloggers like you have corrected this issue, but there are so many more to correct since the practice of multiple player rookie cards started in 1962.