Friday, September 15, 2017

When you suddenly realize it's a card show weekend

A "surprise" card show coming up for me, as I forgot it was so soon in the month this month. Nice!
I hope to score some sweet cards and show them off in the coming days.

Speaking of surprise cards, here's a trio of cards that were lost to me for years. They had been missing since I moved to my current house back in early 2014. Maybe you remember in my Paul Molitor PC post a few weeks ago I was lamenting how I couldn't find his RC that I knew I had somewhere. Well, just a few days ago I finally found it, plus a vintage Wilt Chamberlain and a Dick Allen auto (with custom glow-in-the-dark case) hiding out on the side of a big box with some other less-interesting stuff. Very happy to bring these guys back into the fold!

Here's a recent Twitter score. @vicsdugout posted a few "trade bait" cards a little while ago, and I spotted a '57 I needed for my set. I was able to round up some 2017 set needs and various Texas Rangers for him and we had a deal. Pretty sweet card of HOFer Luis Aparicio!

Here's my dog Annie last weekend staring down some pigeons at the 2017 Portland Dragonboat race (where my wife's team took home gold, proud to say!). Annie had a great time cheering on her mama, (and staring down pigeons), and I hope to have as similar focus at the card show tomorrow, zeroing in on some great cards.

Have a great weekend, everybody!


  1. Glad you found your cards! And any trade that nets you a vintage HOFer - especially one from '57 Topps - is a good one. I've recently been contemplating starting that set, even though I'm only 30% done with the '56 set.

    Have fun at the show. Hope you score some more great cards!

  2. Have fun at the show! If you find any NY Giants or non sport relics and autos think of me :)

    By the way, your envelope hit the mail box today!

  3. Sweet Dick Allen autograph! Topps needs to include him into their Archives Fan Favorites set asap. Have fun at the show!