Sunday, September 17, 2017

Dimebox Dysmorphia

More dimebox haul highlights from the show yesterday.

Dave Parker and Pops.

A couple great catchers and a couple Yankee agitators.

Former Padres in the Hall. I had received a Christmas Card relic of the McCovey from gcrl a few months ago, so it's nice to have the base version now to pair with it.

Beltre and some more dudes. The Bartolo is #'d /125, I believe.

Some Sox.

More old-timers.

Juicers. There's always way too much of these guys in Bill's bins, but I caved and threw some on my stack. The HoloGrFX cards are just cool looking. I dug the throwback on the Canseco. And Powerdeck discs are hard to pass up when that cheap.

I kinda-sorta collect Tony Fernandez, plus I'd like to work on completing 1984 Fleer someday. As for the Rizzo, I just thought it was an odd photo choice for a card. According to COMC, it's a two-buck card, so not a bad pickup for a dime.

A couple 3000 Club cards and a couple Hanks.

A few football cards to close the post with. When I first got to Bill's tables, the only available space for me to pull up to was the football dimebox area. So I bided my time there while I waited for space to open in front of the baseball bins. It all worked out, as I was able to grab a few cards for myself, plus some trade fodder. I'll likely have a big "trade bait" post up within the next few days.

More cards later. Thanks for reading!


  1. I like the Piazza Donruss Originals. I only ever opened one pack of that set, from a Wal-Mart repack box about four years ago, but the set's concept struck me as pretty neat. Awesome haul!

  2. I always enjoy seeing the variety of cards/players you pick up at card shows.

  3. Great finds all around, but I'm especially enamored by the Ozzie/Yaz Topps Retired cards. I don't find those in dime boxes very often, but man is it a thrill when I do.

  4. Sweet pair of Rollie's! That Chicle Musial is a great looking card as well.