Wednesday, May 2, 2018

a trade supplement

Matt at Red Cardboard generously surprised me with a bonus package of cards in the wake of our recent swap.

Leading off with a vintage oddball of Tony Perez.

And more HOFers.

Sweet-ass lot of Reggie Sanders!, most of which are 90s parallels. Nice bump to the PC.

Plenty of active guys were included, too, such as Kris Bryant. The 2015 RC is actually a Berger's Best reprint (--unlike the '75 George Brett reprint above, I need to point this out.)

Nice Nolan Arenado lot.

Coming up Cutch.

Lindor to my door.

More and more Manny Machado.

Altuve por mi aqui.

Springer and a Bregman.

Mookie had a huge game today.

Closing out with a Kershaw reprint and a Bryce. Expect to see plenty of Gavin LaValley on my blog in the near future, as he was included in 2018 Bowman and I've been going after some of the parallels lately.

Thanks again, Matt! Dropped a little something in the mail for you the other day.


  1. Nice Reggie Sanders 90's inserts! #90srock

  2. I'm kicking myself for not picking up a Kershaw for my PC a few years ago. Might need to settle for that reprint. It's such a great looking card.

  3. Healthy trade package there! That Bryant All-Star insert is nifty.