Thursday, May 24, 2018

Mookie Betts PC

Mookie Betts has been damn good the past few years, and has been even better so far this season, giving Mike Trout legit competition for the title of best player in the game. I figured it was time I sorted out my Mookie PC and get a blog post out of it.

I've just got one card of his from 2013, but it's a nice one. I believe this 2013 Panini Prizm Perennial Draft Picks auto is his first-ever autograph, as he didn't get into Topps/Bowman products until the following year.

2014 pt 1. Nice selection of 1st Bowman cards. There were times I was after a First Bowman Auto on eBay, but came up just short in my attempts. That was a couple years ago and I think I've missed my chance unless I really wanna pony up big dough.

But here's a 2014 auto I did manage to score. Won this Stadium Club RC auto for $15.50 back on 1/3/16. There are 2 currently on eBay at the time I'm writing this: one at $80 with 22 bids, and one at $92 with 20 bids. Not to get hung up on monetary value, but it feels good to occasionally score a sweet deal.

2015 pt 1. I'm hoarding those purple Chrome refractors with two of the 250 print run. I don't have his flagship 2015 Topps card here. But technically I've got it because I've got a sealed factory set sitting in my Black Friday stockpile which I will break up into PCs later this year.

2015 pt 2.

And here are some real nice cards from 2015. The Crystal Ball insert is my lowest-numbered Mookie at 17/30. Bought it for $22 back in October 2015, which is a lot for a non-auto modern insert, but I think these fat case hits are super cool and this split the difference (pricewise) between a common and a Trout/Harper. I tried to get an idea of the current rate, but couldn't find one anywhere on eBay or COMC. The Spring Fever auto was received in a gracious trade with reader Josh Bob a couple years ago. The 2015 Topps "sliding variation" is an SP I scored from the 7-for-$5 bins at the July 2016 card show.

2016 pt 1. Chrome parallels include a fishfractor and a bubble gum.

2016 pt 2. Always funny when you've got a fancy parallel but not the base version.

2016 pt 3

2017 pt 1

2017 pt 2. That outfield wall just makes me think of Neil Young...

2017 pt 3

2018 so far.

And these are the dupes I weeded out, if anyone wants to trade for them.

By my count, I'm at 72 unique cards. Shouldn't be long now till he's in the ol' Hundred Card Club. Feel free to get in touch if you've got any cards I need and want to trade. Thanks!


  1. It’s crazy what his cards are going for right now. I scored that same Stadium Club auto you did for about $12 at around the same time. The other day I saw the BASE version going for over $20 with a couple days left I think. I actually have a post in draft going up later about the crazy values of his cards right now...great collection Gavin!

  2. That's a nice collection of Mookie cards! I dont have any Betts autos, aside from my Bowman Chrome Blue Refractor parallel of his 1st Bowman Card none of my Betts cards are anything special. Kinda bummed I didn't invest more into his cards but I'm psyched that he's having a huge season so far.

    I was annoyed when they gave J.D. Martinez $110m cause I thought Mookie should get that money (they always alienate their homegrown guys by being cheap with them and overspending for FAs) but I'm glad the Sox have both.

  3. Mookie is worth collecting for his name alone. nice little collection you have here Gav! always fun to see young players producing consistently, on their way up!

  4. Love me some Mookie! That's an impressive collection!

  5. Nice mookie pc. Good to have right now. I found I only have one rookie lol

  6. I knew the Neil Young song reference before I saw the video link. Good song. It doesn't get enough retro-appreciation.

  7. I busted a box of 14 Update about 2 years in search of Mookie rookies. No parallels but I did manage to pull but of his rookies.