Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Player Hader's Ballin'

Josh Hader has been incredible this year. He had a particularly dominant outing last night. Here are a few blurbs from Twitter:

"Brewers Josh Hader is the first pitcher in baseball history with at least eight strikeouts in a game during which every out he recorded was a strikeout." (source)

"Josh Hader recorded 54 outs in April. He struck out 39 batters. That's insane" (source)

"The last pitcher to record a save of 8+ K's before Hader did tonight … the Big Unit himself." (source)

"At his current pace, the Brewers' Josh Hader would finish the season with 97 innings and 211 strikeouts. All in relief." (source)

"According to baseball-reference's Play Index, Josh Hader is the first reliever *in MLB history* to record 8 strikeouts in 2 2/3 IP. Previously, 7 had 8 K in 3 IP, the last time coming in 1981." (source)

This 20¢ card show pickup from last year just keeps looking better and better! Perhaps one of my all-time best deals. His card prices aren't too crazy right now, but if he keeps on pitching like he has, they could definitely see a steep upswing soon.

I'm always a sucker for wave refractors... and stick a low serial number on the back and an exciting young player on the front, and you've got a winner for me.

Here's my other good Josh Hader card, an auto I just got the other day from Sport Card Collectors.

I'm not pulling the trigger on PCing him just yet, but glad I've at least got a couple nice cards of the guy in my collection.

Thanks for swinging by.


  1. For a second I thought that Wave Refractor was a Christmas card. Either way, 20 cents for that gem is a fantastic deal!

  2. I've got a BoChro auto of Hader sitting around. It was part of a bigger lot I bought primarily for the Vogelmonster.
    That quite about the 200+ Ks in less than 100 innings is crazy.

  3. Killer card Gavin! Nice bargain hunting.

  4. I wish I had some cool Hader cards. He was one of my sleeper picks in fantasy baseball this year, and I got him on a few of my teams. His strikeout rate, ratios, and even a few rogue Saves are all gold for me.

  5. MLB's strikeout numbers as a whole are pretty wild... but Hader's numbers are straight up insane.

  6. Always fun when this happens. I always talk about it on my blog, but just about every prospect has that lull when you can buy cards at pennys on the $. You got some crazy good deals. I have a feeling you will be buying a lot more Chrome parallels you come across!