Thursday, May 3, 2018


Time today for a quick PWE from GCA. Just 4 cards, but all were specific needs, so very appreciated.

Goose here knocks another card off my '84 Donruss setbuild.

And this Fisk takes me down to just 14 cards remaining for '85 Donruss!

Man, this pesky "Biosphere" card had been on my Desperate Double Dozen since A&G came out last year. I really only wanted it because there's a song on one of my favorite albums about the Biosphere 2 project:

Lastly, a '64 Topps.. always great to receive vintage needs in trades! This card takes my '64 setbuild to 64% complete.. so that's neat!
Making his debut at 15, Nuxhall remains the youngest person to play in a major league game in history. He went on to have a solid major league career, and then had a long tenure in the booth after he retired.

Big thanks, GCA! I'll round up a return for you soon.


  1. Greg always sends the best PWEs. I just posted his latest to my blog as well. Love the Joe Nuxhall!

  2. That Goose is sweet! Gives us collectors an idea what batters experienced when they faced him. The Beastie Boys song "Looking Down the Barrel of a Gun" instantly popped into my head.