Thursday, July 5, 2018

Over the hump with 1957 Topps

After sorting out my incoming COMC order, the tallest stack was '57s. I've been hitting the set hard this year and was hoping this haul could help me hit the halfway-complete milestone.

The biggest name in the lot was should-be HOFer Minnie Minoso. It's in nice enough shape to where I won't likely worry about trying to upgrade it (but you never know; I wouldn't mind a dupe for the PC). Got it during the recent sales event for just $1.90, which I thought was a pretty solid deal.

Sweet back, too.

Some other familiar names included baseball family patriarchs Tito Francona and Ray Boone.

Happy to say I'm now at 51.32% complete with the set. Above are some more new additions via COMC worthy of taking a closer look at, including a blurry Foster Castleman (I picked up many cheap off-condition commons that I may try to upgrade down the line). Nice flag shot in the middle there.

Speaking of the flag, I had a nice 4th of July. Caught my first ballgame of 2018, attending the early game of a Portland Pickles twinbill. There're a wooden bat collegiate summer league team. I think we've seen them 3 times before, and they were undefeated in those 3 games, but sadly our perfect winning streak was stopped this time, with the home team losing 3-2. Still a good game with some exciting plays and a couple dingers (both Pickle runs were via solo shots).

We met up with some friends and had a good time, but it was hot and even though there was some cloud cover (making a ring around the sun), I got a little sunburned. Still upset with myself about that. Should have been better about sunscreen.

Anyways, July 5th is Rich Gossage's birthday. I planned ahead and made an animated card of him the night before.

I've picked up like 60+ new Twitter followers in the past week thanks to the attention my Mark Fidrych gif got, so now I kinda feel pressure to keep delivering quality content. I'm hoping to hit 1k followers one of these days. (Honestly, I just want to get to the point to where I'll get at least one like on any tweet, no matter how dumb and pointless it may be. lol)

Thanks for reading!


  1. $1.90 for the Minoso is a sweet deal! Congrats on passing 50% of the set. You're on a roll with these gif tributes.

  2. I never realized this... Gossage is definitely flirting with a balk on that last pitch. That's not even close to a discernible stop. Hooray for the umpire coming out in me.