Friday, July 20, 2018

You're Crazy (acoustic) to pass up a Tom Seaver 2nd-year card for $1.75

I recently won an auction for a Garry Templeton auto I had been searching for, then checked out the seller's other auctions. Ended up with some good stuff, including this slabbed 1968 Topps Tom Seaver for just $1.25 plus 50 cents additional shipping. Even in rough shape, you're crazy if you pass that up!

The back is decent too. Super cool to pick up the first solo card of an all-time great for less than the price of a Starbucks. I recently "retired" my Tom Terrific PC into the Hundred Card Club, but still had to jump on that deal.

Here's another legend I picked up cheap. This '64 Frank Robinson was mine for under $3 plus combined shipping. A little off-center, but otherwise pristine!

Happy to check another A-lister off my 1964 Topps setbuild. (Though at that price, I'd probably have picked it up ever if I weren't working on the set.)

How about another vintage first-ballot HOFer? This '57 Al Kaline wasn't quite the steal as the above 2 cards, but still a solid deal.

It's a beaut, and checks another big name off my 1957 Topps set.

Last one for today is another need for my '57 setbuild. While he doesn't have a plaque in the Hall, Don Larsen is a household name to even casual baseball fans thanks to his incredible World Series heroics in 1956.

Seeing as this is the first card to come out since his legendary performance, it's no surprise the write-up on the back focuses on the perfect game... as would pretty much every card he ever got from that point on. But I suppose you're crazy if you ignore it.

Thanks for reading and have a great weekend, everybody!


  1. I paid about three times that for my '68 Seaver, and I thought that was a steal. Nice gets!

  2. Gotta love deals on vintage. I'm especially fond of that Kaline. He looks so young there.

  3. FRob & the 57's are sweet. '64 and '57 (and '68) are now the vintage sets I'm working on too.