Tuesday, July 3, 2018

The Captain and 2 Fleer

Swing and a miss coming up with a clever name for this post, going with a stretch of a Captain & Tennille reference. I also thought about going with an arms pun (like "Call to ARMS" or "ARMS wrestling") since it's mostly about my Archives Reserve Master Set.

To refresh you on that project, I have a long-term goal of collecting a copy of every Archives Reserve card ever made. This is feasible because there are no printing plates, parallels, or serial numbered cards (unless you want to count buyback autos from recent Archives Signature products, which I am not going after, only the original 2001-2002 run.)

While there are enough autos and relics left to keep me working on this goal well into my golden years, I'm closing in on finishing all the non-hits. I've got complete base sets for all 3 Archives Reserve sets: 2001 baseball, 2002 baseball, and 2001 football. What I'm working on now are the 2001 Archives Reserve Rookie Reprints, which are inserts that were only available in the "Limited Edition" factory set of 2001 Topps, making them tough to find.

Derek Jeter here was a big one to check off. It rarely pops up at a decent price, so I was all over it when it recently showed up on eBay at a low opening bid. I don't care about the fact it's graded, though I have no plans at this time to break it out.

(BTW, sorry to flood your Blogger timeline with Jeets.. coincidentally Sport Card Collectors and Dime Boxes both posted with him leading off their blog today.)

I think this is my best Jeter card now, and will probably remain on top unless I manage to score an auto someday.

In my recent COMC order, I snagged a couple less exciting names I needed, Preston Wilson and Pokey Reese.

I'm down to 6 needs remaining for these 2001 Archives Reserve Rookie Reprints:
8 Jim Edmonds 1993
9 Bernie Williams 1990
10 Sammy Sosa 1990
11 Rickey Henderson 1980
13 Randy Johnson 1989
14 Juan Gonzalez 1990

Some big names there, with the Rickey likely to set me back the most.

Now for the aforementioned 2 Fleers...

I've nearly finished 1987 Fleer Update. While I would have liked to complete it only through trades, I caved and grabbed the two big cards I was missing during the COMC sale event a while back, figuring they'd be hard to come by via trade.

I've said it before, but it must have sucked for Fleer to have missed including Mark McGwire in their base set in '87 when he was so hot. But the Bo Jackson and Will Clark were pretty huge back in the day, so they probably carried the set fine. As for Greg Maddux, only Donruss had the foresight to include him in their '87 flagship set, though his rookie year wasn't very good, so that probably didn't effect pack sales much.

My 1987 Fleer Update needs are down to 5 remaining cards:
15 Ellis Burks
17 Steve Carlton
31 Cecil Fielder
80 Greg Minton
129 Matt Williams

Anybody got any of those and want to swing a trade? Let me know.


  1. I always love seeing an older design done up in Chrome style. I may have to pick up one of the 1990 cards if I ever come across one for cheap, just because I love the design so much.

  2. Nothing wrong with lots of DJ in the blogosphere

    1. I actually haven't ever seen these before. Cool looming pickup

  3. Ugh. That 2001 Topps Limited factory set is a thorn in my side. I was so bummed that most of the cards came out damaged (stuck together). The one bright side was the cool rookie reprints you're collecting. Was hoping for that Jeter. I ended up getting Frank Thomas, Barry Bonds, Chipper Jones, and Cal Ripken Jr. Can't remember the 5th card in my pack.

    P.S. Captain & Tennille reminds me of my childhood.

    1. The Ripken is the one I come across most in my searches.. almost question if they double-printed that one.

  4. Are there any other cards in that Fleer Update set like the Kevin Mitchell one where he's on two teams?

    1. Nope, pretty sure that's the only one split like that.

  5. '87 Fleer was a great set. Wish I could help you out but I'll keep an eye out. Good stuff.