Saturday, May 3, 2014

Have a cigar!

I'm currently out at a beach house on the Oregon coast with my lady and her family (and our pup, Annie Lou, of course). Pretty sweet house we're staying at. Unfortunately the weather has been crappy most of our stay. And the wifi isn't great, so hopefully I can get through this little post okay. At least I was able to watch that exciting Blazers game last night as they knocked off the Rockets at the last second to advance. I don't have any TV service back home, so it's not all that often I get to watch live sports.

Anyways, while I didn't get to watch it, I also kept an eye on the Padres/Diamondbacks box score. San Diego got shut out with just 3 hits, while Arizona scored twice on 7 hits. With 10 total hits in the game, the randomized contestant list from the other day gives us our winner in my Twitter contest...

Congrats to Fernando (@NorCalCollect) for being lucky #10! He's a Dodger collector, so that helped him go with the Ricky Nolasco auto red border #'d 14/49 as his chosen prize.

Thanks again to everybody who entered. And again, stick around for more contests on the horizon.

pretty view from the balcony here


  1. Great view, I understand the crappy weather (being in Florida, these last few days RAIN Rain rain). Sweet contest giveaway GAV

  2. Thanks, guys. Now we're wrapping up our Saturday evening watching Dumbo (dvd came with the house).. a classic I haven't seen since I was a kid.

  3. Beautiful view, that is one of the things I miss about living in the Pacific Northwest.

  4. Sunsets in the Pacific Northwest rock.