Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Another successful dimebox dig

Let's finish up with my haul from the card show a couple weekends back. Last time was the vintage cards, but now these here are the more-modern cards I picked up from the dimeboxes.

Here are the neat looking cards of the bunch, with the shiny on top, clear on the bottom.

Rickey only has a little bit of translucent area behind the headshot. The Adam Jones is a 2013 Pinnacle Clear Vision insert, my first one of these things. There are 4 versions with "single" being the most common, through "home run" being the rarest. So this "triple" is a reasonably tough pull and hard to pass up for a dime.

Man oh man, I love me some 1993 Topps Black Gold!

Here's some more from the junk era. A couple newly-inducted HOFer Big Unit RCs, and the iconic football/baseball Bo Jackson special from '90 Score. I already had one from back in the day, but sheee, for just ten cents, I'll pick up another. Maybe I'll sacrifice it to an arts & crafts project, such as making it glow in the dark or something.

Picked up some modern cards of old-timers, per usual. Cool picture with Clemente giving a nod to his 3000th hit, but sad to think that it's possibly the last time he was photographed in his Pirates uniform. The Ozzie card pictures him in his college uniform from Cal Poly.

A couple minor league cards: Derrek Lee and Vlad Guerrero.

Sorry for the blurry photo. Here we've got Ortiz, David Price, Tyler Austin, Caminiti, Maddux (frozen pizza oddball), Strasburg, and Gavin Floyd.

And I got 3 glow-in-the-dark cards:

I've actually bought all 3 of these cards previously. The Robbie Alomar I had ordered from COMC but due to a mixup on their part, I ended up with the non-glowing version. Glad I could rectify that. As for the other 2, they're dupes, but I love glowing cards, so if I see them that cheap, I pretty much gotta pick 'em up.

"And the rest." A vintage football card. A numbered Giants card. Hakeem. And John Elway painted in a minor league uniform from his brief stint as a pro baseball player.

There you have it. Pretty successful dimebox dig, I think!
Thanks for reading.


  1. Odd Elway card, though I have neither Maddux card, I think my favorite in the bunch is the Clemente card. I will have to look it up now. Nice cards. I can't wait to find a card show to find some treasures.

  2. Elway with the Oneonta Yankess. Cool card.

  3. Those Clear View inserts are one of the truly underrated inserts from recent years. They're insanely rare once you get up into the Triple and HR versions. I sold a HR Don Mattingly for $100+ earlier this year. Doesn't help that there is still a ton of unopened Pinnacle out there since the product pretty much bombed.

  4. Derek Lee does not look happy.

  5. The picture is kinda creepy, but the Elway card is excellent nontheless

  6. Sweet dime box pickups. Who would have that that one day we'd be finding rookie cards of HOFers in dime boxes? I too have picked up Randy Johnson rookies (as well as Barry Larkin and Roberto Alomar rookie cards) in dime boxes (as I shake my head).

  7. That is a nice find on the Adam Jones insert. Those are tough pulls.