Thursday, April 30, 2015

more LaValley cards (a rainbow through the clouds)

Nobody reads these Gavin LaValley rainbow updates of mine, so I'm just going to make fart noises rather than bother to type sentences.



NNOF silver ice
*pu pu puuuut pu???*

mini red refractor


regular-size red refractor


Pardon me. Thanks for the click, both of you.

[Sorry. Trade bait tomorrow to make it up to you.]


  1. Oh So glad the internet isn't in smell-o-ramma. The result from that red refractor sounded like it was a real stinker and shorts changer.

  2. Nice red refractors. Your rainbow is shaping up every nicely.

  3. Nice with the mini and regular size red refractor! This post stinks!