Saturday, April 25, 2015

Card show! Card show! Card show!

I'm usually a discount bin digger at shows, but today I splurged for a couple "under the glass" cards.

Check these out! Got these together for $30. I've long wanted that Ozzie RC, and this is a fine specimen (they're all notoriously off-center). And the Yaz is pretty spectacular. Don't let the Rookie star fool you, it's actually his 2nd-year card.. though he still hadn't made his major league debut by that time. See?...

Great additions to 2 of my main PCs. I got an Archives reprint of that Yaz as a surprise wedding gift last year, and so it's sort of a special card to me, and it makes it even more rewarding to have a vintage copy now.

For some reason, I chose to take these photos on my living room floor, so you may notice a fair amount of dog hair in the background.

Annie Lou! (apparently she was on the top page of Reddit today!)

Besides the Yaz and Ozzie, all the other cards I bought today were 50¢ each. These 3 cool cards are made extra cool by the fact that they're OPC. See?...

Bright backs.

Here's some star-power. Vintage (technically speaking) Aaron, Mantle, Spahn, and Gibson/Jenkins for fiddy-cent each. Hard to beat! I looked at a beat-up '59 Mantle from another dealer today.. it was marked as $90 with a 50% off sign.. and I planned to offer the guy $40, but turns out the 50% markoff was $90. For a graded 1.5 card. No thanks.

More cards. Very happy about that Stargell! It's a great card that I've been wanting for a while now, a) because I need it for my 73 setbuild and b) I love Willie Stargell and c) it's a great early action shot.
As for the Reggie.. couldn't remember if I needed that Reggie, but if not I'll flip it on Listia or something. And as for the Red.. I appear to quietly be building a tiny-but-respectable Schoendienst PC. I already had an auto and a card from his playing days, and now I've got an early MRG card.

Vintage oddballs!

Fun stuff. I'll post the non-vintage stuff I picked up in a day or two. After last month's card show that left me wanting more, I left this show feeling satisfied, and it's a good feeling. I came up short in my search for a Piazza auto, but came away with a bunch of neat cards for my collection and a fair amount of trade fodder.

Thanks for clicking. Keep on rocking!


  1. Congrats on your new pickups! Great vintage pickups.

  2. Nice finds! I also own an Ozzie Smith rookie, but mine has about 435 creases. And that Rickey has to be the best card from the '82 checklist.

  3. Nice pickups! That Spahn photo on the win leaders makes me think he looks like he'd have been one of those 1960s physical comics, like a Soupy Sales type.

    And, in some ways, Spahnie kind of was!

  4. I envy you. Mainly because it looks like you have good card shows in your area, but also because you picked up a card I plan on picking up someday- an Ozzie Smith RC. I have a reprint, and a few of him in Padres gear, but missing his rookie. It won't be as high on my list as a George Brett rookie, but still up there.

    As I work on my set more, I am looking at more Red Schoendist cards as well. Its not that I've gotten tired of collecting Stan Musial, but I wanted a change of pace and Red seems like a good player to collect.

    Great finds, can't wait to see the more modern stuff.

  5. Wow! Under the glass, and then shot out of the roof, like Charlie Bucket!

    '73 Topps is just about perfect, from my perspective. "Action cards," galore.

    Of all that you got, the Henderson and Aaron Special inspire the drool.