Friday, April 10, 2015

Fun with Caminiti dupes

Is anybody out there wacky enough to consider these variations? Hey, the message on the protective coating is placed totally different! One of them is upside-down, even!

Well, I went ahead and peeled the upside-down one (With my luck, that's an incredibly rare variation worth a lot of money unpeeled)...

Ah, a freshly molted card. And yes, I consider these 2 different cards in my Ken Caminiti PC (and its quest for 100 unique cards): one peeled, one unpeeled.. totally different animals.

Here's another look. I gotta say I'm glad card companies don't do the "protective coating" thing anymore. (do they?)

Oh wait-- I think I was mistaken and actually peeled the right-side-up card instead. Whew! So I still own the mega-rare* upside-down protective coating variation! Nice.

* may only be ultra-rare, not mega-rare

Ooh, here's another Caminiti dupe I can play with.

Stickers are for sticking, after all. --well, if they're dupes, that is!

The Caminiti PC currently resides in my "other Padres I like" box. So that's a good place for his sticker to be stuck.

Looks good.

(I think I need to chuck my Mat Latos PC. Not that I ever sought out his cards.. just compiled them as they fell in my lap. Heard he got shelled the other day.)

Some of the other stickers from that Caminiti card are now decorating a package I've got ready to send off to Dimebox Nick. He's gonna be crushed when he sees a little Collector's Choice sticker on the package and opens it up to find no Collector's Choice cards inside! I didn't think this through. Oh well.

Have a great weekend, everybody!


  1. Love those 90's Collector's Choice Stick Um's! I remember later in the decade... Finest actually had cards with and without protective peels. The ones without had a shinier back and were the parallels.

  2. I've heard the upside down unpeeled protective coating Caminiti's are going for a grand on eBay.

    Just kidding....I hope.

  3. You know Nick deserves better. I've not peeled any of my Stick Ums. Cam does look sharp, really stands out against the cardboard. I need more of his cards; peeled, unpeeled, stuck or not.